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Please help me choose a dermatologist in NYC. This dermatologist will accept Aetna, be near the N/R in brooklyn or Manhattan, and won’t shame me for having all these unattended moles and this other thing on my head.

Sigh. I have needed to get a mole check for ... a while. And the ENT I saw (thanks for helping me find one!) saw something and said I should get it looked at. So I’m going to be a grownup and take care of myself even though it’s hard and scary.
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I only saw him a few times, but I did like Dr. Richard Mizuguchi--he's somewhere in Flatiron now, so not too far from N/R, I think. Very nice, very professional.
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I’m a big fan of Dr. Kabigting at Columbia Doctors. The W. 51st St. location is only a few blocks from the N/R. He’s very kind and he really wants to help his patients.
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When I let something go much too long before getting it checked out I went to Goldman Dermatology in the financial district. He and his staff were very nice.
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Go to Dr. David Avram at Heights Dermatology in Brooklyn. Right off the R train, and they have Aetna listed on their accepted insurance list. He’s the best, he is so kind and trustworthy and a great dermatologist to boot.
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What a good first step you’re taking!

You may have already tried this, but can your ENT or PCP give you a referral?
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Dr Mizuguchi is fantastic, he is my favourite doctor of my many many doctors.

i realize it's weird that i have a favourite doctor, yes
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I go to Cybele Fishman. Her office is in the Financial District on Broadway, close to the N/R at Rector Street.
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Don't know what insurance she takes, but I have had good experiences with Dr. Zoe Veritas: she's taken care of a couple of bits of skin cancer for me, and cleared up my son's eczema. And her name is the best: Dr Life Truth! (also in the Financial District)
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I had a minor scalp issue and a friend recommended Dr. Amy Spizuoco DO who's part of Bobby Buka MD's practice. My consult with Dr. Spizuoco was really quick, but there was a thorough pre-examination, and she came across as efficient and attentive, in a straight-forward way that I appreciated.

They have a variety of convenient downtown and Crown Heights/Williamsburg locations and use ZocDoc's scheduling feature which I quite like.
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I really like Dr. Rebecca Kleinerman.

According to ZocDoc, she takes Aetna. Her office is a ten-minute-or-less walk from the N/R 72nd St. stop in Manhattan. I can't imagine that she would shame you about anything; she is very nice.
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