What's the name of this French Jazz-Trip-Pop album and band?
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Around 2000, there was an album released from a French band that sounded like what would happen if Kind Of Blue Miles Davis and Portishead were to meet in a dark alley and get on really well. (In fact, that's basically the description given by Other Music ages ago, when I purchased the album.) I managed to lose it within a month and it's been bothering me for the last four or five years. I remember that the cover was blue and I really liked the record and that's basically it Any help, members of the green?
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Nothing comes to mind as yet, but here's a list of French trip-hop albums. Some of them (Daft Punk?) don't particularly fit the label, but there's a good chance that a jazzy Portishead-like record would be listed among those. Anything ring any bells?
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St. Germain, Tourist?. Released in 2000.
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Hmmm, the cover isn't blue... Didn't read that part. Still, a good album :).
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I've got Tourist and it's a bit more dance-oriented than the record I'm looking for. (Thanks for the link Marquis - it's a great resource, even if they don't like Nouvelle Vague.)
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Sounds From The Verve Hi-Fi by Theivery Corporation?
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If it was released in 1998, then it might have been Moon Safari by Air. Awesome album, the band is french, and it has a lot of blue on the album cover.
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Alternatively, Air's 10,00 Hz Legend.

It's blue, jazzy, French and from the right timeframe. But, I wouldn't call it Miles Davis meets Portishead.
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Opps, 10,000 Hz Legend
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ok. was the cover mostly blue? like, blue background with some foreground stuff (title, artist, picture of some sort)? what shade of blue? bright? darker? was it in a style (blue note, etc.)? when you bought it, what section of the store did you get it from?
I know you said that you don't remember much, but it never hurts to ask.
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it could possibly be... miles davis' remix? panthalassa?
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Kind of Cool by Gare du Nord?

Somewhat younger than 2000 though...
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TTC aren't French, even if they look a wee bit shifty.

NDc and generichuman:
It's not Air. It's much more obscure than that.

The cover is sky-blue with, I believe a beach or something at the very bottom of the frame. The record was purchased at Other Music in their Cambridge, MA location in their "Trip Hop" section, I believe.

Thanks for ALL the help you guys are offering, though.
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Not French either, but maybe the Dining Rooms' Numero Deux?
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Inspired by an above comment, is it the Panthalassa remixes? Not really French, and doesn't sound (to my ears) like Miles-meets-Portishead, but DJ Cam's on there, at least.
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When you say 'record,' do you mean a CD, or a 12"?
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Water Methods? (Sorry, can't find cover art.)
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Hooverphonic? - They're belgaian, and the albums blue, and they sound like portishead.
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Sounds of the Satellites
They are english, but seem to fit many of your other criteria.
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Blue States? - English... kind of fit the description.
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Could you mean Take My Head by Archive? They are not french, but they have a huge following in France (and the cover has a touch of blue...)
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I'm going second Hooverphonic as an option based upon their sound and the whole blue thing.
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Is it Stereolab - First Of The Microbe Hunters ? Not French (but sing in French), and not an entirely blue cover, but close maybe?
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Puzzle or Wallpaper for the Soul by Tahiti 80?

Or Sound of Water by Saint Etienne?
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Nouvelle Vague?
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Would you recognize the artist's name if you saw it? If so, then try looking here and also at the bands listed on this page.
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You know what? You should give Other Music a call. They always seem to know what I;m talking about when I have a similar question. The music geeks that work there (and I mean that in a good way) will probably enjoy the challenge. If the OM folks in MA or NYC can't help, try calling the folks at Etherea.
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This may be way off (the album cover is more of a plum color) and they reminded me of Stereolab, but maybe Holden?
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BLUE STATES IT IS. I dunno why I thought it was French, though.

Wow! Yay! Or, at least it's close enough to make me happy, so I'm ordering it tout suite so my life can, once again, have meaning.

RE: Calling the retail store. I've worked retail and I know there's nothing I hate more than someone calling me up with a "Hey, you know, uh, there's this album I want and uh, it's like totally, uh blue and uh...it was in your newsletter a few years ago." I part time at a local comics shop and it's a nightmare when that happens. Makes me almost wish I was at my real job.

Thank you all so much. I should have specified that it wasn't Hooverphone or Air, though. ;)
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Well, it'd be especially hard to call OM in Cambridge as it's been closed for about 5 years now :(
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I've been on a trip-hop binge as of late, and Blue States is one of my recent favorites. By far, however, it's essential you get everything released by a UK duo named Bent.
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Oh, I do love Bent. Love, love, love them.

Like I love pie. And I am a very, very fat man.
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I think I just browsed through the trip-hop section on amazon and looked for any album that had blue on the cover. Glad I could help!

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