is my desired thing a thing? homologous anatomy coloring book edition.
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I want to get my kid a coloring book that illustrates homologous anatomy of animals and people. Does it exist? Maybe there is a search term I am missing?

I want to give my kid a coloring book with anatomical structures of people and animals to color. Ideally it would have skeletal anatomy and other systems -- digestive, circulatory, whatever.

Specifically I'd like to find material that she can then color to see where there homologous structures. For instance she could color the hearts of every animal purple and the metatarsals blue and the eyes pink or whatever... the idea is to simultaneously learn a bit about anatomy and about how ancestral structures have evolved in different animals.

I'm finding a fair number of "worksheets" on the web - generally limited to one limb, not entire animals, unfortunately, like this but I haven't found a book to buy.

I don't mind it being college level if necessary but she is a child so simpler would be fine too.

Anyone seen anything like this or can help me find it?
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OP your hyperlink leads to this question but I think I get what you're after. The search term to help might be "comparative anatomy." That led me to this book, which if it's anything like its cover, might be what you're looking for.
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Here to recommend the Zoology Coloring Book Drosera linked above. If you're particularly interested in human evolution, the Human Evolution Coloring Book is pretty good, and if you want more familiar animals, the Veterinary Anatomy Coloring Book might suit your needs.
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I think we mighta got it in one! Thank you Drosera.

(Mods, whom to email with the correct link?)
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[Link fixed!]
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Update: I got the book Drosera suggested and it has one or two pages that are close to what I want but not that close. It's a great book -- I recognize some of its pages actually from some of my own dissection work from years ago -- but its focus is on the detail of individual animals; not on the homology between related animals. If anyone has any other ideas, feel free to chime in, but I'm kinda thinking this may be a strikeout.
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