Is buying an unrelated man socks kinda sleazy is it cool?
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Hi, is buying an unrelated man socks kinda sleazy or is it cool? Trying to figure out where the line is in terms of gifting masculine apparel. Something like this not like a 6 pack of Hanes. Thank you!
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My 1880s etiquette book says it is far too intimate! The fact that I am referencing an 1880s etiquette book says you can probably do it now unless you are a time traveler.
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I don't think I would characterize it as sleazy. Maybe a little strange, but maybe OK too. I wouldn't go so far as to say cool, though it feels like a gift that's somehow a little more intimate than, say, a watch or tie. For example, I (a man) would find it strange (in a most minor way) if someone bought me socks unless they were either (1) my SO, (2) a close friend, or (3) part of my family.
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I think it depends on WHY you're gifting him socks.

I would absolutely give a friend a funky pair of socks, if the theme obviously called out to their interests and they were the type to wear fun socks.

Similarly, if y'all routinely talk about fashion, and there's something specific about those socks that made you think he'd like them, go for it.

However, I would feel weird giving somebody (anybody!) generically nice socks. You risk it either coming across as a not-too-subtle hint that you think they could dress better, or as if you're paying too close attention to what they wear and what would go well with it.
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The general rule is that if you have to ask if something is kinda sleazy, it's definitely sleazy or could be construed as such. Don't do this.
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For a close friend a gift of socks could be cool, but too weird for a not-close friend from my perspective (though I may be 60 years out of date).
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Don't socks have the Albus Dumbledore seal of approval? Especially if they're novelty socks -- something amusing or extravagant that they wouldn't buy for themselves because it was so frivolous, but would enjoy having nevertheless.
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Not sleazy but possibly weird if there's not pre-existing context for it.
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If any woman of my acquaintance gifted me a nice pair of socks like those I would be pleased and grateful. I am also recognizably single and that probably makes a difference in accepting such a gift. I don’t think that it should make a difference and the patriarchy is nuts, but I wouldn’t be surprised if this went against more puritanical values.
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Not enough context. Is this a close friend? A secret Santa at work? The barista you're crushing on? Your grad school TA? Are you a woman or a man? If you're a man, are you gay? Do they know you're gay?

I think the socks you linked would be too awkward to give because they're boring. If you don't know the person well enough to take a risk then just give them a Starbucks gift card. I'd be stoked to get these or these from just about anyone because they've obviously paid attention to what I like.
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The pink polka dot socks seem like a good balance or practical and silly; if you think this is something that said man would be excited to rock, I say go for it.

(I'm a guy, have gotten socks from female friends and appreciated the gesture, and find overly gimmicky socks to be kind of obnoxious, fwiw)
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You should not give socks to an unrelated man if:
1. Giving a gift card to Starbucks or the like of similar value instead would be considered inappropriate. (eg giving $25 worth of socks in a $5 limit secret santa or as a wedding present)
2. You are in an unequal relationship (e.g. boss/employee, teacher/student, customer/server) and there is any unrequited, potential or former romantic entanglement.
3. There is no context for the socks, which could consist of:
- The person is into fashion, you have talked about fashion, and the socks are fashionable.
- The person is into a hobby (eg hiking, Star Wars), you have talked about the hobby, and the socks pertain to that hobby (eg Smartwool hikers, Chewbacca socks).
- The person is known to wear novelty socks, and the socks are novel.
- There is an inside joke you share regarding socks; the inside joke is nonsexual in nature.
4. He is the Prime Minister of Canada; instead, tell him he already spends enough time on socks and not enough on legislating.

Statements 1-3 are also appropriate for ties.
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Fine for a birthday or Secret Santa type occasion. (Might read as like 15% flirty.)
Although, probably too personal if he's in a long term relationship with a woman who's not you. (95% flirty.)
Definitely feels flirty if they're an unmotivated "just because" gift. (100% flirty.)
Great as a flirty gift. (100% flirty.)

Also- those specific socks (navy with pink dots) read as very neutral to me, and therefore more intimate. Weirder ones (with, like bicycles or planets or something) would be better as a gift. The constellation ones above are great.
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Whether or not it's an appropriate gift seems to be in the eye of the beholder. But I can assure you that sleazy is not a word most people associate with socks.
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Not even silk ones? No connotations...?
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Keeping in mind that as a trans lady (or thereabouts) I might not have had the normal experience that cis dudes have... no, socks aren't read as sleazy. Yes, there's an element of intimacy associated with them because they are "under garment things", but in general they're perceived as the kind of bland gift that grandma gives you. On occasions, I've seen (and even experienced) people exploiting this "grandma/underthings" ambiguity as an underhanded flirting opportunity... the idea being that "ha ha I sent you sexy socks!!" has just enough plausible deniability that you can use it to gauge someone's interest by the way they respond to the sexy socks. So yeah, I totally get why you might be worried... but honestly I think you're totally overthinking it. They're not sexy socks, they're polka dot socks. Even in silk, they're pretty unsexy. If you're trying to be sleazy you're doing a really bad job of it - I've never had someone try to hit on me by giving me socks.

If it were me receiving the gift (back when I still thought of myself as a dude) I'd have read it as "personal, but not sexual". It would feel slightly if you were a distant acquaintance, but from a friend I'd find it endearing. If you're feeling paranoid and want to really ram home the "I'm being cool not sleazy" implication, a self deprecating or dorky joke accompanying the socks would make it abundantly clear.
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intimate, but not at all sleazy, more maternal. possibly grandparental. to me it seems like the worst of all worlds because the recipient might be a bit put off by it but could not possibly be seduced. so, all risk, no reward.

like gloves or ties are daring and sensual gifts because the implication is that I, through the medium of my gift, am holding you tightly by the hands or I guess delicately strangling you. socks do not fire the erotic imagination in quite that way. and they are hidden in shoes so it is not like putting your mark on him either.

save it for men who put socks on their Amazon wishlist is what I say
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Some people would consider socks intimate? Wowsers, who knew.

Jocks are intimate. A nightgown is intimate. If someone gave me socks, I'd consider it about as intimate as an umbrella.

I'm a woman, though. Perhaps it is different for men, or...something.
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I'm not sure why it would be sleazy. They are socks, not underwear. But if you gave someone socks when it wasn't an occasion where you were expected to get them a gift, or if you got them those pink polka dot socks when they have always worn plain black work socks, then it would be weird. Silk pink socks? Yeah, it would be weird but "sleazy" is not the word. It's not a thong.
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While I am aware of no sleazy associations with socks, as does occasionally seem to be the case with ties (see NSFW tie), you should be aware that some people tend to have sweaty feet—a condition exacerbated by synthetic socks—and would not appreciate receiving socks that had a cotton content lower than, say, 90%.

As such socks have become more and more difficult to find (and also more and more expensive), chances are that any fashion socks (whether luxury brand or merely novelty) you find will have a much lower cotton content than this. The only safe choice at this point are the Calvin Klein fashion socks in bright colors sold individually in two-sock units (the CK socks in multi-sock packs have a much lower cotton content). I, for one, would not be thrilled to receive any socks with a lower-than-90%-cotton-content, regardless of how beautiful or charming they might be, as it's very likely I would never wear them.
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I (straight, female) wouldn't gift them to someone in a situation where it was reasonably likely that somebody else might launder them for him, unless I was good friends with the partner as well. Some people are...possessive, to be nice about it, and they would forever be Those Socks That Flirty %#£! Gave You. But if it was a single friend, especially one I was close with, I wouldn't think twice. The ones you linked are exactly the kind I give my little brother for Xmas. I would also give socks to dudes I know who might not be BFFs or little bros but guys who work demanding physical jobs and need a lot of tough, warm socks, or guys who work at jobs where dress is really critical and they need to be attired to the nines head to toe, gifting appropriately styled socks for each, and if they were very obviously workwear I think I would mentally shift them to something more akin to a nice pen: a present for work, no more, and worry less about their partnered/single status.
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I gotta say, I am looking forward to a semi-regular series of AskMe referenda on which men's apparel items are and are not acceptable to gift to unrelated men.
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I see gifting socks and ties the same as gifting "smelly stuff" (gift baskets of soaps, bath bombs, bubble bath etc) to women. Its the default gift for someone you don't know very well.

I don't see how anything you would give your dad on father's day could be interpreted as sleazy. I've never given an unrelated man socks as a gift but I feel like if I knew the man well enough to give him a gift, I should know him well enough to get him something better than socks. But maybe your intended recipient likes socks? If funky sock are his thing then its a thoughtful gift but I don't see anything untoward about it
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To me, socks are the archetypal 'I didn't know what to get you so here's a some things which are probably useful' gift, to the extent that it's a running joke.

Super generic, not sleazy.
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An unrelated woman (I'm a man) recently bought me socks. My wife and I are good friends with her, and since I'm somewhat known for wearing noticable socks, she picked up a souvenir pair for me, among other gifts for friends, on a recent trip.

The socks don't fit amazingly and are a little ugly, but the ugliness does bring a bit of a smile to my face. So... This particularly case is closer to the cool side of things.

I've also received an actual pair of cool-looking and well fitting socks as swag from a vendor at a conference, and those are fun.
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(Also count me in on the "those aren't especially cool socks as far as these things go" column. Something like this, also from the Tie Bar, could be cool for the right person, but you might just want to throw "cool socks" into Amazon or Google or eBay (new, not used, though maybe there's some fun vintage choices) and see what pops up that makes you think of said unrelated man)
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I can’t think of a single situation in which socks could be construed as a sleazy gift, unless maybe their pattern was somehow pornographic. I do think of socks as the sort of thing people tend to have specific personal preferences for, and so not something I would give unless I were very sure the person liked that exact style, fabric, etc. But my hesitation would be entirely unrelated to any sleaze factor. And as the household laundry doer, I would cheerfully launder socks given to my partner without harboring dark suspicions about the giver.
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Combination rule of thumb and practical question: Do you know what size shoes they wear? If you are close enough to know, it's probably OK plus you can buy a pair that fits.
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Not even silk ones? No connotations...?
You are making it weird even though no one seems to think socks are a weird gift. This is definitely sexual because you clearly think it's sexual. Stop and leave this poor man that you want to "maybe sexually but not really haha but maybe sexually wink gift with silk socks or a tie" alone.
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You might be better off asking us to brainstorm slightly sleazy gift ideas next week, if that's what you're into.
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How well do you know the person? What is the context of the gift? What is your own level of comfort about it?

If it's a secret santa gift exchange at the office with a low budget threshold and you know your recipient only by name and nothing more, there's not much anybody -- even the recipient -- can construe about the gift other than "Here are some nice socks".

If you know the recipient well and you suspect they might read into it something you don't intend, well then don't do it.

I don't think this is a thing strangers can decide for you.
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How do you know this guy? If you have an office job that is relatively formal and you know him from work, socks or a tie are gonna be weird unless you have a pre-existing in-joke or shared thing about socks, because work gifts should usually be more...worky and less personal, I guess? I probably wouldn't get a co-worker at an office job any kind of clothes except either company-logo stuff (blech) or a novelty tee-shirt or maybe novelty socks.

I would absolutely get a close friend of any gender socks, because I have great taste in haberdashery and people like it when I do. This would not be intimate in a sexual sense, but it would be personal.

When you're talking about silk socks - honestly, silk socks might be a little less weird as a present because they're more weird as an item, closer to novelty socks.

But what you really need to do is figure out what the deal is with this dude. Do you want to be his friend? Are you stealth hitting on him? Do you wish you could hit on him but principle holds you back? If you are hitting on/wish you could hit on him in some way, I would make these suggestions: If there is no specific reason to get him socks or a tie, don't get him socks or a tie. If you talk about socks, ties or haberdashery generally and it's a known interest, go ahead.

But beware - people who really care about haberdashery are picky and you don't want to get sub-par items. Getting a hobbyist hobby things is tricky. My suggestion would be that if you want to get him socks, go for broke and get him pope socks - almost anyone who likes menswear would like a pair and they're enough of a novelty to steer a bit away from the intimacy question. "I got you socks from the pope's tailor" is an interesting choice on its own.
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If it's acceptable to give this unrelated man a gift at all (ie, he's not the barista or your boss or a police officer pulling you over for speeding) then it's acceptable to give that man socks. Socks are as neutral a gift as you can get.
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Sleazy, as in dirty sexy? No, a single pair of boring businesswear socks are not going to read as dirty sexy unless there's some sort of fetish going on. The material doesn't change things. Silk socks aren't silk stockings.

Socks in a family context have the reputation of being a generic grandma gift. Something my parents used to get us kids for xmas for their own amusement as we tried to hide our disappointment that they weren't toys. (Now we love socks. We had an all-socks xmas one year when we were all broke. Recommended.)

Socks outside the family, in order to be a "cool" (as in good) gift, would need to key into something in particular about the recipient-- a signature color or pattern, a love of a certain brand, an inside joke, a fandom, a hobby.

These socks don't seem cool to me, unless there is some context with the recipient we don't know about (like all his accessories have pink polka dots or something.) I don't think they'd read as inappropriate but more like "why?"

If your question is can someone buy a man clothing or accessories, and have it be nonsexual (or sexual? not clear what your goal is), we are missing all helpful context. Who is the man? What's the occasion? What is your relationship? Is he single? Is he a coworker, an old college pal, a crush? Is he attached and in the type of relationship where a woman dresses him and any violation of that would be a boundary breach? Do you WANT to get sleazy? It really depends. There's no single ruling to apply.

If you are the tie question person, I'm so curious about what's behind this line of questioning!
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It's FINE. They're socks. Just give the guy socks and don't worry about it. Rassafrassin beanplaters
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I asked my male friend, cis hetero, how he would feel if someone he didn't know very well gave him socks.

"Socks?" Puzzled look. "Why would someone give me socks?" Pause. "Why, did someone give you socks, is that why you're asking?"

"No," I said, "It's just that - it seems like it's kind of a boring, generic gift, but, I mean, when you think about it ... what if your neighbor's wife gave you some socks?"

He frowned. "Um, that would be kind of wierd? Nice, but kooky. Weird. I mean she's a nice lady but... " his voice trailed off.

So based on whatever that means, probably you shouldn't gift the socks.
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I'm super creeped out that people think this isn't okay. They're socks, for fuck's sake, not underwear or a butt plug. They go on feet. (Just about) everyone has feet. There is nothing distinctly intimate about feet.

Seems to me the people who think this is inappropriate could find something "sleazy" in nearly any human interaction. Yuck.

If it helps you calibrate social norms and demographics, I'm a 27yo, cis, (mostly) heterosexual white lady in New England. I'm very aware of etiquette but would never think twice about gifting socks, even to an unrelated man.
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There is nothing distinctly intimate about feet

For some people there very much is.

But unless the recipient and the giver are both these kind of people and they both know that each other are that kind of people, a gift of socks is going to be sending no message at all, it'll just be confusing.
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There is nothing distinctly intimate about feet

For some people there very much is.

I mean, sure, but people choose to incorporate all kinds of things into their sex lives. Just because some people have a foot fetish does not make all shoes and socks inherently sexual. Some people have a diaper fetish; would that make it inappropriate to give new parents Pampers? (No.)

OP, give the socks if you want to give the socks.
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I think this is one of those things where it is actually totally and completely fine right up until you're the kind of person who starts thinking maybe it's not fine. Unless you worry about this with all kinds of gifts, the fact that you see socks and think that it's intimate is what potentially makes it weird, not that the average person would think this. Not because it's actual sexual, but because it suggests that you're thinking of this with a level of intimacy that is inappropriate for your level of friendship with this person.

I'm a woman but I've received socks as gifts from both friends and family on many occasions. A few times even from near-strangers. It's never been weird. But if I thought for a second that those people had looked at those socks and had to go ask, that would have been uncomfortable. Don't give gifts that you yourself don't feel 100% confident in the non-weirdness of.
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I wouldn't think twice about receiving socks from anyone. Not sleazy at all to me. The only thing I could think of is if there was something in the design that made it weird but that would be the same for everything.

I remember reading an AskMe about shoes in the house and one reason given for wearing them was because all of their socks were damaged or mismatched. So maybe if he wears shoes in the house because all of his socks have holes in them your gift might encourage him to take the shoes off when he gets home, which would be a good thing.
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I think this is one of those things where it is actually totally and completely fine right up until you're the kind of person who starts thinking maybe it's not fine.
Yes. The only thing making this interaction weird is you asking "is this weird?" I literally would never think twice about giving or receiving socks as a gift, but if I knew that the person asked the internet if maybe the gift could be interpreted as sexual or skeezy, I would immediately be like "oh no."
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Tbh I would feel a little odd if somebody who wasn't my girlfriend or mother bought me a pair of socks. Perhaps if they were wacky joke socks with tacos or dinosaurs on them, because I'm the taco or dinosaur guy at the place or whatever, then that would probably be ok. But these are nice socks that suggest "I think these nice socks would look nice on your nice feet" which just feels very slightly weird, but no, definitely not sleazy. Just weird the same way as a bird in a car would be weird, or somebody nicking a grape to eat at the supermarket.
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The rule I learned was that you should never give someone a gift of an object of apparel that it would not be appropriate for you to help them put on or take off. So sweaters and hats for your Mum, sure, but not lingere. Slacks and underpants for your eight-year-old son, sure. Your best beloved intimate-toy-cuddle partner can be given anything you want to give them up to including costume accessories for intimate body parts.

My gut says that socks, regardless of if silk or a Target twelve-pack of one-size-fits-nobody, should be harmless, mainly because most people would be clueless about the difference between Target acrylic and silk, and you can find socks with spots at the dollar store, so spots on the socks don't show that they are special. The gift might be too expensive for a casual throw away gift, as in, "You spent that much money on a pair of socks?" But to me the solecism would be in spending too much money for a throwaway gift rather than exactly what the gift was. Similarly giving someone a $90 gift at a Christmas Exchange with a budget of $15 would be more likely to label you as someone bad with money, than that you were making intimate advances on the recipient. However if nobody else is giving anybody gifts you might be seen as upping the intimacy ante by spending excessive money on the guy.

What does the guy in question already wear on his feet? Does he seem to wear random shoes and socks? Or do you know that he appreciates good feet luxury items? If his foot apparel matters to him, then you are definitely wandering into intimacy territory from "Ooh, look, pink spots, cute!" casual gift giving. If a gift is too well chosen it becomes an act of intimacy - which might of course be a wonderful thing. There are times when someone treasures a gift for decades... But do you want him to treasure these socks for decades, or just to share, "Told ya, silk socks are the best!"

If you screw up on this it won't matter, honestly. It's just socks.
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The rule I learned was that you should never give someone a gift of an object of apparel that it would not be appropriate for you to help them put on or take off.

So I guess buying a dress for my niece is out of the question? (Or socks, for that matter?)
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Well, if socks are sleazy then I have been interpreting a lot of relationships incorrectly. You want puzzlement then go for the giant pack of generic tube socks; the camaraderie of a fandom then go crazy with something like Tardis socks but the only way socks are a sleazy gift is if they have a pornographic topic like amorous chickens on them.

Socks are a mundane gift and what I categorize as "married people"gifts which fall under practical. Wheras sleazy gifts are anything but practical and veer into narcissism e.g., my pervy gaze wishes to see these amorous chickens on your feet.

But if you are freaking out about socks why not just get him a bag of caffeine products like tea or coffee? If socks are sleazy then Quonsmas just got real difficult.
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My conclusion, based on my own (used to read etiquette books for fun as a teenager) perspective is that socks are a non-personal, non-skeezy gift… unless you find yourself dwelling on the details, in which case it seems no longer to be non-personal.

Is there a reason you're concerned about how it comes across? That might be worth looking at.
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I wrote: "The rule I learned was that you should never give someone a gift of an object of apparel that it would not be appropriate for you to help them put on or take off."

Tenderly wrote: "So I guess buying a dress for my niece is out of the question? (Or socks, for that matter?)"

Very possibly. If you are buying an eight year old a dress, it might well be understood that in the absence of her parents you could help her get into the dress by doing up buttons. In that case it would be okay. It depends on your relationship to the niece and how much you act as an allo-parent.

Or if you are a favourite uncle you might be welcome to pay for her dress allowance - pay her clothing bills, if you did not actually select or buy the dress. "Oh Uncle Ten! I neeeed the yellow La Coste dress for the weekend. I'll be the only girl not wearing La Coste and it's a La Coste party!" That's paying for the dress allowance and might or might not be advisable for other reasons. It's the choosing that makes the difference in if it is acceptable or not.

But if you are the single older adult male and she is a young lady, then you should not be selecting what she wears next to her skin, as that crosses a boundary, where you are making choices for her, and putting her under an obligation which could lead to both of you struggling with what you are entitled to regarding her body.

It is also fine to give her a couple of shopping bags of random clothing to pick over, and to reject - because in that case she is the one choosing the items - It's you paying dress bills where she has the power to control how intimate the situation gets by rejecting everything if it's not her style or makes her uncomfortable.
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Thanks! I asked and he didn’t want socks.
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But what is your connection to this mysterious man? Is he coworker? Is he friend? Why didn't he want pope socks? What's wrong with pope socks? They're a great gift!
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I also think Pope socks are great! I was not going to get him pope socks because they are too Italian and he is more of an English-socks type. But when I asked him for his shoe size he said that he opposes the commercialization of Hannukah, so instead as per his suggestion I am doing something nice for him instead that he specifically wants (a personal service, you could call it? but not sleazy I don't think)

Great questions Frowner
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Hi Frowner I just got the pope socks for someone! Thought you should know
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Pope socks! Pope socks are the most fun-to-say socks - like pop socks, but for the pope!

(Also they're a little funner now because the current pope, though not flawless, is a lot better than recent iterations.)
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