Zika Free Travel in February - Need Ideas!
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My husband and I are looking to travel somewhere in February for 8-9 days. We live in NYC and open to just about anywhere in the world, with preference for warm weather / beaches and no Zika risk. Any ideas? (We went to South Africa last year, but ideas for other travel in Africa, S America and beyond would be welcome...)
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Japan? Winter is quite dry and on the Pacific coast, you'll have at least some daytime sun and temps will always be above freezing outside of Tohoku, Hokkaido and the Japan Alps. Snowy Mount Fuji too! You could do Tokyo and Kyoto over a week with a day either side for flights.
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The Philippines? It's a long flight, but you could do a day or two in Tokyo to break it up. And the beaches there really are some of the best. Boracay is pretty touristy at this point, but has some nice hotels right on the beach. I haven't been to Palawan, but that's where pretty much everyone I know who liked Boracay 15-20 years ago goes now. Manila is not super fun unless you like sitting in traffic, but one day to see Intramuros is probably worth it.
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Here is the CDC's world map of areas with/without risk of Zika transmission. It includes most of South America, a lot of Africa, and the Philippines and basically everywhere else in South Asia.

How about Hawaii?
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New Zealand! No Zika, yes beaches, and it’s warm but not hot. It is peak tourist season though if that’s something you’d like to avoid.
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Kenya's Diani and Watamu beaches are very nice! If you want to mix it up, you can pair it up with a safari, of course!

If you go to the Philippines I would recommend spending a few days island-hopping in Coron (in Palawan). The town itself is really just a town (no beach) so you can't stay on the beach until sundown, but the islands you go to, the water, and the beaches are very nice and doesn't have as many people as in Boracay. One of our favourite excursions was asking the boat guys to pick up some fresh seafood at the market before heading out, they grilled it all on the boat while going from island to island, and then we had a delicious and fresh seafood lunch on one of the beaches. Yum!
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The Philippines has Zika so probably not best to be recommending it.
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Chile is fantastic in February.
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Went to Honolulu two years ago in February. One billion stars, would do again.
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Australia? Lots of different coastal options but avoid the far north as it gets v stormy and humid.
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Oh and Feb is a great time to travel in terms of budget - school hols have just finished but it's still summer.
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