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Can you help me find the top that Stephany Buswell is wearing in episode 1 of season 4 of Holiday Baking Championship? [Picture] I can't even see most of it due to the apron but I've fallen in love. It's a black short sleeve top with a stylized purple floral design across the front and a scalloped v-neck with rose details.

Bonus: If it turns out this top is non-extant or multiple hundreds of dollars, do you have any suggestions of very similar tops at a reasonable price that would be wearable by me, a short chubby lady with a very large bust who can't stand polyester?
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It looks like a variation on Central American 'traditional' tops. I found many similar options searching "Mexican floral top," "Mexian embroidered floral blouse, " etc. Here is an example; there are loads more on the interwebs. You might also have luck in a vintage store but that is likely more hit-and-miss.
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Similar tops here. They don't look to be too expensive and seem to come in a range of sizes.

Also try.
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With a little poking around ("v neck Mexican blouse") I found this on Poshmark!
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These from christa's link look like the right shirt and the Poshmark link above.
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I never would have thought it was embroidered but there you go! I also never would have realized it was a traditional Mexican design, I've found many of them on etsy, and also it's funny because I have a deep affection for that kind of decorative Mexican style due to my very youngest formative years being spent in San Antonio in a majority Mexican area and that explains my instant attraction to the top.

Unfortunately the key aspect is the color combination, which would go so perfectly with most of my other clothes, and I can't seem to find it anywhere for sale. I can find black with other colors of embroidery, or the purple floral on brightly colored fabrics like aqua and yellow, but no purple on black. I found a purple on indigo denim which might actually be exactly the shirt she's wearing, but it only came in size small and my 44" bust would not accommodate such nonsense.

Luckily, I'll be in San Antonio for Thanksgiving at the end of the month, so guess what I'll be shopping for? My search strings led me to Nativa so that'll be a fun afternoon excursion. Thanks all!
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I'm back home with two new embroidered dresses! One I got at a shmancy boutique in La Villita but the other one I got from an adorable lady at the Peace Market at the Esperanza Peace & Justice Center, which was an awesome place that I'm going to guilt my mother into volunteering at if at all possible. The market was just the right level of bustling without the insanity and ruthlessness of other Black Friday activities, AND we won the raffle! Also I got to hear some seriously sick live spanish rap and badass latina chick rock. A++, thank you AskMe for reminding me that colorful Mexican crafts exist in clothing form.
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