Easy, low salt meals
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I'm looking for a cookbook for my dad that contains easy, low salt recipes. He's more of a vegetable guy than a meatloaf guy.

Dad is not able to follow complex recipes anymore, just needs very simple stuff he can make or can ask a caregiver who isn't an experienced cook to make. He likes "healthy" foodand is committed to a low salt diet. I'd like to send him a cookbook, not a bunch of links on the internet which will overwhelmed him.

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I just started subscribing to Cooking Light magazine (purchased for cheap thanks to an online offer) and have been so happy to find lots of easy, tasty, healthy recipes that don't use a lot of ingredients or equipment. Admittedly, it's not the cookbook you're looking for but perhaps something your dad can look forward to every month. They seem to have more vegetarian than meat-based recipes, which makes sense because veg meals are lower calorie. I'm not sure about everything being low sodium but it would likely fit the bill. For years I had assumed Cooking Light would be a yucky diet-focused magazine but am happy to report that it's not the case at all; FWIW, it's also more inclusive and representative than most magazines in similar genres.
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I suggest you explore the River Cottage cookbooks. Maybe this one is the best for your father, but you know best. The recipes are really simple to read and follow.
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