Is there a successor format to animated GIFs?
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Is there a viable successor format to animated GIFs? Technically it should be very easy to create short looping videos that are higher quality and smaller size, but apparently GIFs still rule the world.

Are there good tools for creating and editing APNGs? Is that the way to go?

Is there a video format that supports looping?

I'm in the Apple ecosystem.
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Sure, see Wikipedia’s page on video alternatives to GIF
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Sure, gifv which is just regular MP4 video presented in a web page with a video tag. More on gifv
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I see WebM used a fair amount.

Though, these days it's pretty common to just use youtube or vimeo.
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It looks like gifv isn't a file format, but is just a way of combining HTML with a video file. That's fine for a service like imgur but doesn't do much if you want to e-mail or message someone a looping animated video. Please correct me if I'm wrong about that.
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You're correct. Animated gif support is built into a lot of platforms and there's no replacement that's as broadly supported. On the web, it's to use the video tag. In email readers, it's going to be a crapshoot.
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Depends on usage. To make tumblr-style captioned animations, webm works better than gif and is HTML5 compatible. Not sure if they loop like gifs.
For inline stuff like smileys, people use GIF because it's compatible with anything released in the past 20+ years and APNG or MNG are (or at least were) not even natively supported by GIMP. GIMP.
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You can check out the support for, APNG and WebM. (TLDR; WebM is slightly better supported.)

Do note that there have been some useful developments in GIF compression. Try running a GIF you created through ImageOptim.

I also wrote a long instruction about creating high quality and small GIFs.
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