Removing suggested places on Google Maps
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Trying to put together a detailed map of Barcelona with all the places that I want to visit pinned to a saved map. Managed to create the map but all of Google's suggested restaurants and shops are also showing up, in addition to my saved places. Is there a way to remove that layer of suggested businesses? I don't really care to see the McDonald's or other random restaurants on my map layer.
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I am confused, so forgive while I ask for more information. Are you speaking of Google MyMaps? That's what I use to create maps for trips where I want to pin favorite restaurants, museums etc. I never notice places that I didn't add on that map.

Or do you want to remove the layer that shows all places in the Googleverse? I don't know how to do this unless it is via Google Earth.
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Assuming you are on a computer, it's probably because you did a search. On the left under where it says "add layer," "share," and "preview," look for your search term. It'll have an x on the side you can click to get rid of the search, and then you'll just see your own pins.
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@terrapin and @beyond_pink: even in MyMaps, if you zoom in to a certain level, Google Maps will show businesses and other points of interest beyond those that a user has created, as in this example. I think that the OP would like to hide everything except for streets etc. and their own points of interest.
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@brianogilvie Ah - if that's the case, I would try changing the base map layer (listed at the bottom of your places in the left menu). Some, like Simple Atlas, don't seem to show places other than your pins.
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I just made a very similar map of Barcelona myself! memail me if you'd like a link.
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