Snowflake-y recommendations for 24 hours in Lisbon
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I'm heading to Lisbon for a conference and basically have this coming Friday at noon til Saturday slightly after noon to myself. I'm into pottery/ceramics and early Japanese-Portuguese encounters (e.g. tempura). How can I maximize my time in Lisbon?
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The National Tile Museum?
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This may not be what you have in mind, but: I was pleasantly surprised by the National Tile Museum.
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You should check out the National Azulejo (painted tiles) Museum. I'm not particularly interested in ceramics, and even I liked it.

I have no idea where to get tempura, but Ribiera Market had all kinds food vendors so it might be worth trying there (and if there's no tempura, you can definitely find something yummy).
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early Japanese-Portuguese encounters (e.g. tempura)

You have to go to the Arte Antiga museum and see the Namban screens. They are full depictions of Portuguese boats arriving and how the Japanese saw them. While you are there, the cafeteria at the museum is one of my favorite places to have quite authentic Portuguese food. The prices are reasonable too. You can just grab a tray of food and then go eat it in their magnificent patio overlooking the river.

The way to see Lisbon is by walking. Just make sure you are in reasonably good shape as it is hilly and that you have decent walking shoes. I dont know where you are staying or where your conference is. If you go through the touristy heart, you'll go by places like Ceramicas na Linha in Chiado.
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If you do want to try some of the original Tempura, go to the aforementioned Ribeira Market, and go to a place called Cafe Sao Bento. Order some Peixinhos Da Horta.
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Thanks for the recommendations y'all. I had a blast eating peixinhos da horta and visiting the tile museum!
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