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I need an NYC ENT with a friendly staff and not horrific scheduling/availability (NP or PA is fine with me!) that takes Aetna. Bay Ridge or Brooklyn/Manhattan on the N/R line preferably below 59 Street/Columbus Circle. Bonus points if you saw them for nosebleeds. My chronic nosebleeds have returned to being two or three times a day and I’m currently having my second nosebleed of the morning.

While some of this could be attributed to drier air, I get nosebleeds even in summer, and I use humidifying options, including putting Vaseline into my nose. I have a known structural problem (veins very close to the surface, moreso than normal).
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Perhaps you could start with a visit to one of those clinics around down. Then they might be able to direct you to an ENT Dr.
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Those clinics cost me $100 copay. A visit to an ENT is a $75 copay, neither of which I can really afford, so shelling out for both is simply not an option.
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I've had good experiences with Dr. Anna Aronzon of ENT Allergy and Associates, which is downtown and close to the R.

However, they're likely going to want to scope your nose as part of the initial visit (and I don't think they're alone in this), so your copay may be more than you think since you may end up paying outpatient surgical coinsurance rather than just an office visit copay.
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Do you have a family history of epistaxis, in addition to your own history?

You may want to enquire about something called HHT (hereditary hemorrhagic telangiectasia).
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Dr. Tabaee is not as convenient as you would like, being uptown, but he is excellent imo. He does list nosebleeds as a specialty and he treated a friend successfully for a rare nasal tumor. I wholeheartedly recommend his services.
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Dr. Steven Sacks at ENT and Allergy Associates is an amazing doctor who I highly recommend. He’s at the upper east side location, but don’t let that deter you, he’s worth it. They’re also really good about getting you early in if it’s a pressing matter.
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I got it looked at today. We’re going to try a few weeks of conservative treatment and JD theres trouble, re-evaluate. The doctor doesn’t think it’s HHT, from what she saw in my nose.
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