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What are some good games for Android and Windows (assume pretty good specs for this question). My budget is around $100 and can stretch more if needed

My requirements for the games are:

Android games:

Genre: Action (Military games, fantasy)
Price: <>in-app purchases to play the whole game
Others: Can play without network connections

PC games:

Genre: Action (FPS, Fantasy, Military)
Price: Can go up to $30-45
Others: Preferably with God/Cheat modes, since I suck at playing higher levels in these games. Some of them like the Half Life/Call of Duty series etc have complex gameplay, so some sort of God mode and a good user community would help

What I have liked in the past:

Mobile games: Kill Shot bravo (Sniper game) But in-app purchases are necessary to progress beyond 2-3 levels and these are very expensive, Eternium

PC Games: Diablo, Age of Empires, Quake series (I am old, what can I say)
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So you're looking for an actiony FPS and liked Diablo? Shut up and get Borderlands RIGHT NOW. You want the one with the DLC included. If you have good specs you'll need to edit an .ini file to turn vsync on.
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People are saying the latest DOOM game is one of the better FPS's made - it really encourages you to just barrel in and run at enemies.

Starcraft 2 is still good. Heroes of the Storm is free and one of those "MOBA" games which is kind of like competitive diablo. The game Factory Idle shows up on the blue occasionally due to lots of fun.

Mobile - make sure you are using the google rewards app to get money. You fill out a multiple choice question every day or two in a simple and clean format and you just get play credit. One of the best games for mobile is Clash Royale, it's the only game that I would RATHER play on my phone than on a PC. To play without network connections, well, Egg Inc is free and a fun time waster. Duet is great. Tap Titans is good. Kingdom rush is excellent.

Hope this helps!
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Witcher 3 is an amazing RPG, best in class at the moment. Prey is a fantastic 'explore the spooky space station' game. Watchdogs 2 is a great open world GTA style game, not in the category you're asking for but it's absolutely best in class.

New Doom is a no-brainer - it's possibly one of the best FPS games ever made. Halflife 2 still stands up well and is worth a play.

Have a look at this RPS list of the best FPS games - they're a good site for PC stuff in general.

Grim Dawn is my favourite of the Diablo-likes, and has a similar feel to D2, but there's also Diablo 3 and Path of Exile.
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You like Quake you say? You're old you say? Well, so do and am I, and after seeing them demoed at PAX Australia a couple of weeks ago, you can bet your arse I am keeping my peepers well and truly on the release dates for Amid Evil and Dusk from New Blood Games.

In the meanwhilst there may very well be enhanced editions of the old classics Heretic and Hexen and their sequels floating about the interwebs. Have a Google!
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There’s Diablo 3, yep.

Also, I don’t know whether you’d enjoy the mentioned StarCraft 2 or not, but the first campaign is going completely free to play tomorrow, so you can freely give it a try.
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Thanks folks. Ordered some titles based on the recommendations here.
I am covered on the PC side, but need more Android recommendations.

[I see from multiple google searches, forum postings etc that in-app purchases seem to be the norm for most mobile games. Greedy developers :D]
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