What are these? (Found in carpet)
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An elderly neighbor found these in her carpet, and asked me to see if I could find out online what they may be. Anyone here have an idea? (Originals are smaller than a grain of rice.) carpetthing1 carpetthing2
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Looks like a grass seed of some kind.
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While it's pretty easy to imagine that Thing 1 and Thing 2 both conceal horrifying amounts of legs, they look more vegetable than animal to me as well.
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Try crushing one flat and putting a drop of dilute iodine solution on it (betadine diluted 1:20 will work). If they're starchy, as seeds would be, you should see it turn blue.
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But also, if it is by chance some sort of pupae, it will be notably gooey when squished, and seeds will not.
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The second one looks like a seed to me. Try sprouting it on wet paper towel.
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Those both look more like buds than seeds to me, maybe from something coniferous? Juniper? What sorts of houseplants / landscaping / decorative greenery does your neighbor have around?
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