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An intermediate level yoga practice has been helping my hip recover from an overtraining injury, but I'm not able to get to the studio as much as I'd like. I've got Netflix, Hulu, and Prime-can you recommend intermediate or higher level yoga programs that are really just yoga (no cardio mixed in, etc) to supplement my in-person classes? Also open to something you love that I can get another way. Thx!
posted by PaulaSchultz to Health & Fitness (7 answers total) 28 users marked this as a favorite has a nice mix of instructors and styles and definitely have intermediate classes. their classes are all streamable for their monthly membership.
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Do Yoga With Me is my favorite! Tons of free ones and various levels and styles. Love it!
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I love the Down Dog app.
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Yoga with Adrienne, on YouTube. She is brilliant.
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Karin is a non-profit yoga instructor who posts on Patreon with a subscription. The $50/month is for regular weekly videos, but just $10/month gives you access to monthly videos and her backlog. More info here. I first met her 5 years ago (and took her class in person for a year) and she is really excellent for all levels.
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I have bought videos from They also have a mobile phone app for viewing. Right now it's a system where teachers publish sets of videos you buy for a price and stream as often as you like, though they're soon to launch a subscription service where I guess a monthly fee will give access to the full library.
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I love Yoga with Adriene on YouTube
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