How can I help unseat Paul Ryan?
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My daughter lives in WI congressional district 1, where the current rep is Paul Ryan. I am going to be out there for the month of February, and and wondering about how I could help do some regime change. I had been planning on working while I was out there, but am unexpectedly retiring, and I would have time to do something useful during the daytime Who should I contact? Asking now because I will be out there Thanksgiving week and might make early contact then.
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The most prominent candidate challenging Ryan is Randy Bryce. I don't see a phone number for his campaign office but you could tweet at Bryce and/or his campaign manager, David Keith, and ask.
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Find her local Indivisible group. You are guaranteed to find like minded people who've been working towards your goal.
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Yes, Randy Bryce is his main opponent and is pretty awesome! You can sign up to volunteer with the campaign here:
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Enjoy your visit! Bring winter boots, a good winter jacket, and other winter supplies though, it's cold here!

Getting Paul Ryan voted out has been a rough proposition even before his ascendancy to the chairmanships of Budget and then Ways and Means. The makeup of the first district encompasses rural areas, a number of economically depressed rust belt metro areas including Kenosha and Janesville that have been feeling politicians have failed them for years, and also portions of Waukesha which has a wealthier conservative footprint. Enough of the Milwaukee metro area (more Democratic-leaning) is included that Ryan's seat isn't totally unassailable, but people were excited both by the VP run and by the chairmanships and now the speakership. In recent elections, he received 55% (2012), 63% (2014), and 65% (2016) of the vote. I interpret this to be due to swayable people who have been excited by his rapid ascendance in the party and voters who have been voting for change. I think there are a bunch of people here who voted for Obama and then Trump in a desperate bid to get someone into office who would slow or reverse the rusting of the rust belt. There are others who believe that he might be able to bring home the pork, maybe not understanding the decline of pork-barrel politics. However, even many Republicans don't care for his Ayn Rand-influenced philosophies but are still supporting him because he's the (R) candidate. These last few sentences are definitely opinion, by the way.

The 55/63/65 of recent elections might seem to be a pretty depressing trend, but it suggests that the electorate can be swayed. I think the sooner the electorate can be made to understand that things like sabotaging Obamacare and tax cuts that provide massive tax breaks to the wealthy are things that damage both the poor and the middle class, the better. Trump's, ah, shall we say "charming" personality has offered the Republicans a big boost in the short term, but could turn into an equally large bummer really quickly, especially if it becomes clear that all those ridiculous and grandiose claims he made during the election not only didn't materialize, but were actually lies.

What will probably unseat Ryan, in my opinion, is when enough people realize that the party in power doesn't actually have a plan that will actually improve their lives, and the things that they do manage to accomplish have actually hurt them. Sending this message is going to be a long, tedious grind, to people who don't want to hear it and don't want to believe it, but I'd like to think it is possible.
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(Coming from Vermont, so I'll just wear what I usually wear)
My wife is heavily involved in Indivisible here, so I should have thought of that.
I have seen Bryce's website before, and he sounds pretty good.
Thanks, all.
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