Cold Weather Jeans for Women
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I've always been jealous of the flannel-lined jeans for boys and men that I used to see in the L.L. Bean catalog. Are there any companies that make a similarly soft fleecy/flannel lined denim in a women's skinny jean?

It looks like L.L. Bean and Eddie Bauer both make flannel-lined jeans for women now, but they're uh...a little mom-jean looking for me. Levi's seems to have a "warm" denim for women that uses some sort of insulating fibers rather than a lining.

(Yes, I am already aware that I can also just wear a base layer)
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Prana makes the Boyfriend Jean. I think they have others too.
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Duluth Trading’s fleece lined jeans and pants. I love them!
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Here's ones lined with silk (not cheap though).
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Here's ones lined with silk (not cheap though).
Oooooh. I wonder what the care instructions are for those, though.
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The faq includes how to wash the silk lined jeans.
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L. L. Bean, Duluth Trading Company, and Cabelas all have them!

I did this research myself a couple years ago when I moved to a place that has real winter and still haven't found any ones that fit me, sadly (the trials of plus-sized clothing shopping!), but I've seen and touched lined jeans from each of those companies and they're all nice.
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Those silk jeans look amazing! Silk is a magical fabric.

I wash my silk stuff in the washing machine and drip-dry it- I have blouses and pillowcases that have been totally fine through 25+ washes. I think the silk-lined jeans would hold up fine.
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Back in the day j crew made lovely flannel lined khakis. This was around 2000. Check eBay.
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I have a pair of vintage 1950s flannel-lined jeans that I wear often in the winter - love them! They're not skinny - more of a high-waist crop situation - but they are very well built relative to contemporary jeans. A quick glance on Etsy shows that they're not cheap these days - $150ish (still cheaper than those silk ones though).
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I think they're only in Canada, but Mark's Work Wearhouse has lined jeans for women available in a few different cuts.
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I have a relaxed-fit version of these Lee Jeans and I almost never take them off, once the cold weather starts. They even manage to stay pretty warm when wet, as I found out today when I fell off a log into an estuary.

I also see these, but I don't know them personally.
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