Bad back pain, hurts to stand, hard to breathe... out of the blue.
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This week, my lower back began to hurt a bit as I moved around, but nothing severe, but tonight, out of the blue, my whole stomach/back hurts.

This week, my lower back began to hurt a bit as I moved around, but nothing severe. Just would hurt to move a bit, for a few minutes, then get back to normal. This was on and off, mostly in bed. (I stayed at a hotel room earlier this week on a trip.) Walking around would result in no pain at all.

Tonight (back at home, been home since Wednesday), out of the blue, my body became pained. It hurts getting up and walking, and my back feels tight and like there's rocks in them, it's a bit hard to breathe, and my back just hurts. Actually, my whole stomach/back area hurts and just feels weird. I went to the mall earlier today, and while I felt a bit exhausted, I didn't feel bad at all or in pain. Right now, it hurts just getting up and walking. This is the first time I've ever experienced this.

I'm deaf, don't want to have to deal with the hassle of going to the hospital and having no interpreter, and don't feel seriously hurt otherwise. Just can't move around much. I also don't want to have to spend a lot of money for nothing/a little thing that might go away soon (yes, I do have insurance though).

What should I do? This came on suddenly and out of the blue.

If it helps, I sprained my ankle last Friday and this recent Friday (same ankle), but the ankle is already healing. I'm 31, male.

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"came on suddenly out of the blue" is usually a sign you should go to the doctor. Can you hop? If you can't because pain, then it's time to go to the hospital.
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Sounds like kidney stones but I'm not a doctor. Get thee to the hospital - being in pain means your body is trying to tell you something isn't right. It's better to have nothing wrong if you go, than not go and end up dying from something that could of been prevented.
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When I have lower back pain, it comes on like this. Can't even walk or breathe normally.

You should definitely have it checked out and imaged, if possible. I'd go sooner rather than later, but use your judgement as to cost and trouble. In the basic case, they'll tell you to take some aleve and work it out - that's what they did for me.

If it's more complex, well, it could be any number of things.
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Please go to the hospital. I understand wanting to avoid hassle, but speaking as someone who has been a primary caretaker to someone who ignored a condition until it became life threatening, BELIEVE ME: complications of a serious problem left untreated are much, mich more of a hassle. Do you have a trusted friend or family member, hearing or not, who could accompany you? Sometimes the annoyance is a little more bearable with someone else to share it with.
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Get to a doctors. You say the pain is in the back/stomach area it could be gallstones which can radiate pain in your back under the end of your ribs and feels much like you describe in my experience. Kidney infections & stones can also hurt in a similar area as they are not as low down in the body as people think. What ever the cause get to a doctors/hospital as soon as you can. Even if it is "just" back pain you need to get it checked out so you can be sure it will heal as quickly as possible, back pain left alone can often get worse before it gets better. Please go get it checked out.
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triple a can present as tearing back pain. i say ER. communicate to the intake nurse that you need an interpreter immediately.
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It does sound like it could be referred pain from a kidney infection. You need a doctor.
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I agree with all of the above, this sounds like an ER visit to me. I've had several friends/family members who had very serious conditions that first presented as unexplained pain like this.
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If you haven't already, seek medical attention ASAP. Most hospitals now have video translators for DHH patients. But if you're still worried, then print out this page to describe your symptoms, and use pen and paper to communicate while you're there. Don't let language be your barrier to urgent/emergent care.
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Your symptoms sound almost exactly like how I felt before a serious kidney infection was diagnosed. It is also important to know that even minor ankle sprains may increase your risk for blood clots.

it's a bit hard to breathe
Please seek medical attention as soon as you can if you haven't already.
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Apologies for bringing up past medical issues (in case they're no longer a factor) but don't you have shy bowel problems? If things haven't been functioning well in those areas, I can imagine it could easily lead to stomach pain. Or it could be something entirely unrelated. Either way, I would get to a doctor pronto, I wouldn't mess around with it if there's even a chance it could be kidney related. Please tell us how you go.
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It's a weekday, so can you see your doctor tomorrow? I don't think this is ER territory, but I do think it's "arrange for an interpreter and see a doctor soon." Something like kidney stones will not magically resolve forever.
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This sounds exactly like how I felt when I had a kidney infection -- please go see a doctor! It might be just a pulled muscle, but it's definitely worth getting checked out in case it's something worse that you can't just treat on your own.
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Sorry for the delay in getting back to you all. I ended up taking a few Ibuprofen and sleeping it off, and thankfully, the next day, the odd pain was gone and I could stand/walk normally again. I still had residual/recurring small "sores", but otherwise, I was okay. Today, so far, the pain seems to be fully gone. *knock on wood*

I will still make an appointment and get this checked into, just to make sure nothing is wrong. I searched for symptoms of kidney stones, and I do not seem to have most of the symptoms, and despite my shy bowel, I make every effort to go #2 everyday, so I am not sure what could have caused this. It could be kidney stones, still, or perhaps something I ate? At any rate, a doctor's checkup is definitely in order.

Thanks, everyone :)
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