The Proper Care And Feeding Of One's Garments
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In 2010, Jezebel ran a limited series of blog posts under the title, "Dress Code: The Proper Care And Feeding of Your [Garments/Shoes/Leather/etc]." I'm looking for an updated, hopefully expanded resource like this.

So, are there any other excellent resources, ideally blogs or message boards, that provide concise, useful information on garment/wardrobe care? Bonus points if it's rigorously researched and updates regularly? Books are okay, too, if there's some kind of "clothing care bible" I may not be aware of, but mainly looking for text and photo resources online.

The only thing I'm not really looking for is YouTube vloggers. It's okay if it's a resource that includes videos, I just don't want something where all of the information is contained in videos. I prefer to read and scan text and photos.*

*However if you know of a YouTube vlogger who is too much of an amazing resource on this topic for me to reasonably pass them up, tell me about them anyway!
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Put This On, by Jesse Thorn.
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Alison Freer is a costume designer who's done a lot of writing on garment care, as well as tricks of the trade.
Blog type articles from XO Jane

Jolie Kerr is "Ask a Clean Person" on various Gawker blogs and also has a book. Includes general household cleaning advice as well as clothing-specific advice.
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