I have been asked my salary req. how do I research salaries in this area
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I have applied to be a program manager in Cleveland, Ohio. I am relocating from Washington, DC. How do I go about finding salaries for program managers in the non-profit field in Cleveland, Ohio?
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You can use sites like h1bdata.info to get an idea of the salaries that convinced USCIS an H1B visa application was legitimate, which generally requires a salary at least that of the "local prevailing wage" for that role. This is not necessarily representative data for all sorts of reasons, but it's a start. If you're applying somewhere big enough to have visa holders, you may even find someone with your exact title at the place you've applied.
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Glassdoor.com says "The average salary for a Program Manager is $78,970 in Cleveland, OH. Salaries estimates based on 132 salaries submitted anonymously"
Not sure if that's mix or non-profit, but a good place to start maybe.
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Not exactly salary data, but this is a useful comparison calculator for standard of living. It seems that the cost of living in Cleveland is 34% lower than in DC, mostly driven by housing. If you are looking to maintain your current SOL, this could be a useful tool for negotiations, down the line.
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payscale.com and Bureau of Labor Statistics
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The state association of nonprofits may have an annual salary survey.
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