looking for a warsan shire poem
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i read a poem by warsan shire that used to be available. i can't find it anywhere now.

the poem is called 'water' and can be read in full here.
it used to be available here. it was posted in july 2011, but now there are no 2011 archives on her site.

as far as i know, it is not in any of her collections. it is not available anywhere else online (except for a lot of pinterest quotes). where did it go, and why did it go away? i'd like to provide proper credit when quoting it, but feel uncomfortable if it is unavailable for, well, i'm not sure why.
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Wayback machine has it. That doesn't help if she pulled it because she didn't want people connecting it to her, but if she just deleted older archives because she wanted to get rid of some, and wasn't up to sorting out which to keep, you have something to share or use to provide credit.
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