What's hot in Library and Information Science jobs?
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What are the growth fields in LIS?

I'm starting a Masters in Library and Information Science (LIS) this spring. I have 8 years of experience teaching in higher ed (Asian Studies and Asian religions), but I grew frustrated with teaching and wanted to try something new. i will likely want to look for a job in an academic library.
What are the growth fields in LIS?
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Take a look at INALJ and see what sorts of jobs are popping up. http://inalj.com/?page_id=104874 Also, where they're located.
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Agree with kbuxton, also systems librarians. Have a subject-matter Master's degree also helps, particularly since you're interested in academia. Since you've been teaching, does that mean you have a Ph.D.?
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No Ph.D., but I do have Ph.D. coursework and a Master's in Asian Studies.
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What sort of courses should I take for systems librarian gigs?
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For systems librarian jobs, take all the technology classes you can (programming, databases, etc)

https://librarianmandikaye.wordpress.com/systems-librarian/ might be useful
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Speaking solely of academic libraries, anything to do with data’s growing like weeds. As mentioned above.

Job examples include data librarian, metadata librarian, assessment librarian, and more. Some of these are public services (data librarians) while some are back of house (metadata, assessment typically).

If you’re not into data as a career, at least become familiar with some basic ways that data is being used in academic libraries (instruction assessment, evidence-based collection development, student success initiatives, etc.). It will give you a leg up in job interviews.

With systems jobs, my caveats are 1) that some organizations are skipping over librarians and going directly to CS experts for their needs and 2) it will be a rare boss indeed that will understand your job and as a consequence the support is often half hearted or perfunctory.

Also trendy: OER, open access, student success.

Perennially hard to hire for and we still need: catalogers by any name (ours go by metadata), science librarians, business librarians.

Absolutely not growing but bewilderingly popular among LIS students: archives. Save yourself some heartache and specialize elsewhere.
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