emotionally abused male?
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I've seen Steven Stosny books recommended a few times on ask.mefi. As my marriage (19 years, male-female) continues to deteriorate, I'm trying to figure out if I'm being abusive, but also if my wife is being abusive. Stosny's books seem to be primarily written to women (at least based on Amazon descriptions.) Does anyone know of good resources, apart from therapy, for men that may be dealing with emotionally abusive spouses? Thanks.
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I just started listening to the podcast "Where should we begin?" about the experience of couple's therapy. If I had to guess (and I do) you're probably both abusing each other and both feel abused.
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It looks as if this page's recommendations could be useful to you.
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His book Love Without Hurt is specifically written for male-female married couples. It was one of the few books that had a meaningful impact on my now-ex husband during the long struggle in our marriage. Part of it is specifically written to male readers. It also was incredibly helpful for me to get a handle on my own reactions and behavior, which was increasingly getting far out of bounds. I would recommend one copy for each of you. Good luck.
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