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I'm crocheting a shawl for a friend for christmas, I'm almost done and have around 2/3rd of a skein left - about 60g worsted weight. Is there anything I could make to go with the shawl to use up the leftover yarn?

The shawl is this one but in a dark blue. Its not really my colour so I'm not sure what else I'd use the yarn for other than making something to go with the shawl but I'm not sure what would suit and would use such a small amount of yarn
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Headband? I've made this pattern (knitted, though) and just adapted the width based on how much yarn I had.
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That's a beautiful pattern, what a thoughtful gift-maker you are!

My crafty quotient is zero, so I don't really understand the amount of yarn you have left, but if it's not enough to make an entire hat or headband, could you use some other yarn to make a hat or headband and then use this leftover to make a flower or two to go on the hat/headband?

(Apologies if I'm drastically misunderstanding the whole process ... I'm just thinking of really small things ...)

Or use your leftover to crochet the flower pieces and affix them to barrettes for coordinating hair accessories?
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To give an idea of the amount left - the shawl is approx 18x63" and I've used around 3 1/3rd skeins.
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Would there be enough left for a pair of wrist warmers?
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How about a felted flower pin?
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Have you ever used You can use the advanced search feature to limit by weight of yarn and amount you've got to find patterns that would work within your range. You can also choose crochet only patterns.
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I'm assuming you have about 100 yards of yarn at that weight.

I did a quick Ravelry search, and I think these 3 would all be great options (and they're all free patterns):

Ribbed Ear Warmer

Fingerless Mitts (essentially wrist warmers)

Boot Cuffs
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You could add fringe to the shawl.
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Your other option is to just save the yarn for "future unknown" project -- when you eventually want gloves in 2 colors, etc., a partial skein is the exact right amount.
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To determine how much length of yarn you have remaining, weigh it on a kitchen scale. Then, using a yard stick, measure out ten yards. Holding the ten yards in your hand, place the remaining ball on the scale and zero it out. Then place the ten yards on the scale and see how much that ten yards weighs. Then divide the total weight by the weight of the ten yards and multiply that number by ten. Bam, length. Then plug that length into Ravelry's search engine with any additional parameters and you will see a plethora of choices.

Anyway, my main suggestion is to keep the skein in your stash because that's plenty of yarn in a common weight for many projects to do an accent border or to make a small amigurumi toy. It would also be enough to make quite the fluffy pompom or tassle to top a hat of contrasting color or hang on a carabiner for a bag clip. Dark blue makes a lovely contrasting color that isn't black or brown but still reads a bit neutral for things like afghan squares.

Something lacy with a lot of openwork will make a much larger project out of less yarn, too. Things like this mesh market bag or pineapple lace headband will surprise you with how little yarn they need.
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