Getting the right Facebook Page to show up when marking self as a writer
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I got prompted by Facebook to confirm that I write for particular publications, so I tried to add the publications I actually do write for regularly. For some reason, instead of that publication's official Facebook page, I can only add the Facebook-generated Interest page for that publication. How do I get the right page to show up as an option.

So I was recently prompted to confirm that I write for Publication X so that my own Facebook Page can be linked as a byline for that publication's posts. ("Make it easier for readers to find your articles. Confirm that you write for Publication X").

I tried to add in the page for an actual publication I'm an active staff writer for (Publication Y) in the section to Confirm Publications. However, Publication Y's actual Facebook page does not show up as an option. The FB-generated Interest page for Publication Y does show up, as well as two pages for old products, but not the current Publication Y-run Facebook page.

I currently have admin access to the Publication Y Facebook page. Is there some kind of setting we can toggle to enable writers to confirm that they write for us? How do we get the right Publication Y page to show up?

(Trying to Google this gets me help pages for publishing Facebook pages in general)
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Can you use the graph id of the page?
posted by Nonsteroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drug at 7:10 PM on November 8, 2017

On second thought, you might need to enter it with the square bracket trick.
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@NAID: No go. That method doesn't work to get the ID and there's also no element I can use to replace the ID. It's not like being tagged in a post, it's under the Linked Publications section of the backend of a Facebook Page.
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If it helps, it's apparently a really new feature.
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