Paper baby diaper delivery
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I'd like some recommendations for paper baby diaper delivery. My friend is going to have a baby and I'd like to give her some months worth of diapers. Our small town doesn't have a cloth diaper service, so a prepaid paper diaper delivery arrangement must be the way to go. Help me out here.
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Amazon Family? Recurring diaper order?
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@zizzle -- Right, recurring diaper order. But I can't seem to find that on Amazon.
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Search for the kind of diapers you'd want, and see if there is a "Subscribe & Save" option. You'll have to keep on top of the subscriptions to change size as the baby grows. It might be easier to gift your friend an Amazon Prime membership so they can manage.
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Definitely Amazon subscribe and save. Just use your account and her address. You'll get an alert each month before each new shipment, which will give you an opportunity to change size or to reschedule or cancel. Just check on how she's stocked and how big the baby is getting. I think Pampers are worth the slightly extra cost.
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Yes, Amazon's Subscribe and Save is the same thing as a recurring order. See on the side here you can purchase and arrange for quantity and timing of recurring deliveries. The Pampers comment made me think you might ask her if she has a diaper preference. I personally couldn't stand Pampers (they are highly scented) but others feel that way about rival brands.

Honest also has a diaper subscription service. More expensive but really cute.
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I know several moms who really like Parasol diapers and I believe they are subscription. Nice for a gift since they have cute patterns.
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This is a really nice thought. I'm sure you can make this work, but maybe not until the baby is here. It is challenging to randomly pick a diaper and hope it works. Different brands fit different babies differently. Like, there are fat bottom babies, booty-less babies, chubby buddah belly baies, skinny latte babies, etc and it can actually take trial and error to find the diaper that fits a given infant without overnight leaks or poop-splosian failures.
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@DarlingBri -- Poop-splosian says it. Also, "fat bottom babies, booty-less babies, chubby buddah belly baies, skinny latte babies." I'll take this advice.
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What a WONDERFUL and thoughtful gift to give new parents! I don't know what area you are in, but how about a gift certificate to a diaper delivery service in your area? That way mom could then choose what she needs when she needs it?

Some newborns need actual newborn size diapers and some come out a little chunkier and need a larger size diaper right from the get-go.

I don't know where you live, but I'm in the SF Bay Area and when I was a new mother, I was gifted with Earth Baby Compostable Diaper delivery service. The diapers are paper, they are compostable, and they had no smell and they were very good quality. I had no complaints. (Pampers brand is gag-inducing fake baby powder scented.) My god, babies don't need perfume, they ARE perfume!!

Earth Baby delivers fresh diapers weekly and pick up the used one. They then compost the diapers themselves. You can change your order up until the night before. I believe they even give you a starter pack with a few sizes - just in case! They also delivered other simple baby supplies like wipes etc..

Personally, I found the service a life saver for the first 6 months and the diapers were of excellent quality and I was overall very pleased with the service... even though it was costly compared to heading to the store and picking up my own. To me, it was priceless.

As an aside - With so many questions about kids, babies, parenting, equipment, toys, etc.. I have never understood why there isn't a "parenting" category for ASK!
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May I recommend instead that you search Amazon for "diaper sampler" and get them one or more sample packs of a handful of many different kinds of diapers? Then they can try out all the kinds and pick the one that works best for their baby's personal butt.
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