Fellow PDXers: Where can I street-park my car for a month?
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I'm leaving Portland (OR) in Thursday to attend to a family emergency. May be gone as long as a month. Just moved here, so I don't know the city well, and I can't afford a pay lot...

I realize I (probably) can't *legally* park my car on the street for that period of time, but can any fellow Portlanders suggest someplace where it's not incredibly likely I'll get towed? It's a crap car, and I don't intend to leave anything valuable in it- so if I have to leave it in Felony Flats, I won't freak.
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Rent the smallest storage unit which will shelter your car for a month. It might cost as much as $100, but maybe about $75. I will tell you why you should budget this. If you crap car works, having it towed because it appears abandoned will cost you more than maybe $300. If it is towed early in your visit you might as well have parked it in long term parking at an airport. Just get a good lock, and if you have some expensive things in your apartment you don't want stolen, if you share a place, or live in an iffy neighborhood, that stuff, can go into the car you put in storage. You know, your desktop computer, or laptop. Stuff, your papers, important things. Family emergencies often go on longer than you plan for.
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I'm sure there's a fellow Mefite with space at the back of their driveway. Make a post about it on jobs? (Or, personally, since I don't have strong connections on Mefi, I'd probably post on FB to ask local friends if they'd share my quandary with their extended [local] community. It can't hurt, and sometimes works out beautifully.)
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I haven’t driven my car since the first week of July and it’s been parked on the street in front of my house (by house I mean apartment building) the entire time without a problem. I live in a permitted neighborhood though so YMMV. Heh.

Also I’ve parked for a month at one of the external lots at PDX but it probably would cost more than you’d want to pay.
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Lots of quiet streets near a bus hub in Park Rose near the airport. Get a pass and use the bus from that area? No posted parking rules as I remember.
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If you're willing to use Facebook, post this question to your local "buy nothing" group and someone may have a driveway you can use for a month, they're pretty good at this sort of thing.
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therooster might also work pretty well for hooking you up with a driveway.
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I live in Portland. Want to park it in front of my house? I am near a MAX station and will keep an eye on it. My neighbors aren’t nosy jerks and it is a pretty safe part of town. MeMail me.
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I have a 2-car driveway in SE with only one car in it, memail me today if you want to park here.
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I'm in the Couve but you can park outside my house.
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