Help my find these swim trunks for my picky boyfriend
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My boyfriend really likes these swim trunks (scroll down for the picture) please help me find them.

He made me look at different men's trunks with similar patterns for over an hour last night. I'd like to get them for him as a present because he's a great person who's been a bit down lately. He wears a size 30 in pants and the site would need to ship to the US. I think he likes the length and he likes the graphic pattern.
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Knockoffs via eBay. Sauvage has that square-cut style (but not that specific print, looks like) at Amazon.
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@Iris, can you check you link? The ones I see don't look like SpaceWarp13's link; shorter, more form fitting.

Those look like Birdwell's to me, 312's, but might need to go custom for the stripes.
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at, the ones I linked were square cut with fitted legs; I thought they were more form-fitting because of the model's build, but still had a similar 2" inseam. The main idea was that a square-cut, banded, fitted-leg swim short in a Hawaiian floral pattern was available, provided the Sauvage brand name wasn't key. If the brand matters but the pattern's up for grabs, the company has other patterned offerings on Amazon (as the link in the Ask runs to plaid versions).
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Thank you! I know it's a silly question but he takes his swimwear seriously and I appreciate the help!
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This one has the hawaiian flower theme though isn't the exact print.
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