Does the Poang chair frame deteriorate over time?
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In my limited experience, a Poang chair is virtually ideal seating, i.e., it's a perfect fit for me and I love the slight bounce/rocking motion. I recently bought a couple off craigslist and they are not what I remember them to be.

These craigslist chairs sit very low and are only marginally comfortable if I prop up my feet while seated, which limits my movement—including bouncing/rocking (I'm naturally fidgety)—and therefore limits the amount of time I can spend in the chair to a few minutes.

Adding a wedge-shaped cushion to the seat isn't a fix because it throws off the fit of the back. I'm considering making new cushions like this to address these issues. Before I go to all this trouble, I'm wondering if the problem is that the chair frames are bent out of original shape. If this is the case, I'll just buy new.

The back of the seat of one chair is 10" from the floor, the other chair is just 9" (apparently, the chairs are from different model years—there's a slight difference in the screws, also). To current and former Poang owners: have you noticed that the chairs change with age? Bonus points for those who supply measurements for their chair.
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I've had a Poang for about 15 years and all kinds of folks have sat in it during that time. I just measured, and at the lowest point the bottom of the seat is between 9" and 10" off the floor.
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My poang chairs are over a dozen years old and holding up fine.
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Just measured my Poang that I haven't used nearly as much as I'd thought I would when I bought it (not due to comfort so much as home configuration), so it's nearly new in spite of having been bought a year or two ago. 9" from bottom of seat frame to floor.

It's possible that your preferred seating configuration has changed from what it was when you last sat in a Poang. I know my chair preferences have shifted over the years.

Most Ikea stores have a display showing an automated Poang testing contraption that's supposed to prove they hold up with lots of people-sitting-down motions over time. I want to believe it's not a lie!
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My Poäng chair's still robust and fine and bouncy. It's an Oak (-coloured?) one. Are you sure it's not a Pello, the bargain basement version (but still IKEA)?
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I suppose they could deform over time due to long-term heavy loads. Have you tightened the bolts? It seems to me that loose bolts could cause the condition you're experiencing. Especially if the chairs were used with loose bolts for a long time - the bolt holes could have gotten worn.
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Yeah check that they're not Pellos - people pass off Pellos as Poangs on Craigslist all the time. The most obvious difference is the back of the arms - the Pello's just end straight, while the Poang's swoop up.
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Once you validate that it's a true Poang, I'd check the cushions.

I love my Poang with leather cushions, tolerate the mid-range fabric ones, but hate the cheapest fabric ones. They offer so much less support. Is there any chance you previously had a nicer version? Also, I'd expect the cushions to deteriorate over time far faster than the frame, so you might try just replacing them.
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I wonder if you had one of the oldest ones and Ikea has lowered the seat height?

I loved my leather Poang for comfort while seated, too, but it was too low to get my middle-aged arthritis in and out of, so I ditched the frame and put all of the leather cushions including headrest on my mission rocker. (It looks great! I highly recommend this!)
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Thanks to all for quick replies.

Definitely Poang.

It's possible that your preferred seating configuration has changed from what it was when you last sat in a Poang.

Given that others have confirmed the seat height, this seems the most likely explanation. It's been 10+ years since I last sat in a Poang. I know I'm getting more fidgety and probably less slouchy as I get older.
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I have an old-ish poang in my office with the basic white cushions, which I inherited from someone else, and while I don't think the frame has changed, the cushions have and they don't fit on the frame so well any more. The velcro that's supposed to hold them in place has deteriorated too. I have a 9 year old rocking-chair poang with fancier cushions, and it is pretty much the same as when I bought it, except that the straps that the head pillow hangs from have stretched a lot, and that pillow now hangs way too low.
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I've had one for 25 + years. It's still like new, save the cover which I've replaced 3 or 4 times. So no, it hasn't deteriorated, or at least mine hasn't.
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Mine (15-ish years old) needs its hardware tightened every now and then. I wonder if one of your chairs needs a tuneup.
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