Help me remember the name of this movie about making a bad movie.
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I'm trying to find a documentary about some really bad amateur film makers shooting a horror film that is NOT American Movie.

My friend and I are trying to remember the name of this documentary he showed me, but hours of Googling have provided me with nothing. Here's what we remember.

It was a documentary about two or three guys who had decided to make horror films. Note, this is NOT American Movie. He found it and showed it to me sometime within the last four years. There were definitely clips on YouTube, and it may have been on Netflix.

The documentary was about these guys who were basically delusional about their writing/acting/special effects skills. They took themselves very seriously, but the documentary was obviously highlighting how ridiculous this entire endeavor was.

It was shot in a place that gets cold - maybe Cleveland or Baltimore or Philadelphia.
In real life, one of the guys was a house painter.
The horror movie they were making was about a guy who got a job in the morgue, and then the bodies started coming back to life.
The horror movie was being shot primarily in someone's basement.
There was a scene in the horror movie where the guy makes a phone call to tell someone he had gotten a job at the morgue.
The special effects were beyond abysmal.
There were a lot of scenes where the main character put up his hands and said "Hey, what's going on here?" or "What's going on?" or similar variations.
They were working on this horrible morgue movie "Part 2."

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Demon Lover Diary?
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The documentary part I'm not sure about, but this sounds a bit like the oeuvre of Z. Winston Brown (the horror-oriented pen name of John Bacchus). I'm wondering if you somehow saw some behind-the-scenes/making-of/promo footage from two of his films, Vampiyaz (2004) and its followup Zombiez (2005). Both shot in Philadelphia on low budgets, both about the dead returning to life. IIRC there is a scene in Vampiyaz where one of the main characters gets called up by a mortuary owner freaking out and begging for help with a 'severe vampire problem'.
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Response by poster: Sorry for the threadsit, but here's some helpful updates:

This was definitely more recent than the 1970s, so not Demon Lover Diary.

I watched the trailer for the Zombiez movie above, and the acting/special effects/production quality are way better on that than the movie being made in the documentary. The movie they were making would have never actually made it to production/distribution/IMDB. Think more like grown-ass men making a movie you would expect your 9 year old kid to create. But I think they did have a website.
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I remember Feast from the Project Greenlight series, but that's probably not it. Here's a list I found. (Let us know if you find it, I can never get enough of these!)
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I'm pretty sure I saw this too, but I can't find it now either. I was really hoping someone else would get it, but the question's been up long enough I'll just post some of the stuff I think I remember and see if any of it helps.

I think the filmmakers were brothers, and I want to say their last name sounded Eastern European.

It might've been a shorter movie, like an hour long or something, and it probably wasn't released in theaters, so maybe that's why it's not showing up.

Something like maybe an episode of POV? Maybe an HBO documentary? Or maybe just an independently made thing someone put on YouTube?
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