What are the best spa hotels in the US for a winter visit?
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Must haves: indoor pool, nearby natural beauty, decent food at the hotel or nearby.

My wife and I stayed at the Cliff House in Ireland and loved it - high quality facilities, spa, lovely indoor pool with a view, good food, and beautiful natural surroundings.

We're willing to splurge, but can only afford so much. Say <=$500/night.
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The Umstead Hotel & Spa (in the Raleigh/Durham, North Carolina area) is wonderful. The restaurant is fantastic, the setting is beautiful, and the staff treats everyone like royalty.
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Rosario Resort on Orcas Island, in Western Washington, has an indoor pool, nice nearby hikes, and good food. I haven't tried any of their spa services and don't know how spa-y they are. It's not the sort of place you'd travel across the country for, but if you're in the area it's lovely.
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Grove Park Inn in Asheville, NC is beautiful and has great food. The spa is amazing.
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The Fairmont Scottsdale Princess has an amazing spa. I don't think it has an indoor pool, but you'd be in Arizona, so it's plenty warm. They have a variety of treatments, luxe accommodations and good food. In the women's locker room, there's a hot soaking tub, a eucalyptus room and a couple varieties of sauna. In the co-ed outdoor area, there are waterfall pools and a rooftop pool with shaded cabanas. Personally I find the desert beautiful. I want to go back there right now.
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My mother and I go to the Homestead in Hot Springs, VA every year and it is glorious. The mountains are lovely in the winter; there is an indoor pool; the food is wonderful; and lots of nice things to do.
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You could stay at one of the Colonial Williamsburg hotels / accommodations. I personally can recommend the Williamsburg Lodge as a place to stay, and also for the food, but they have a variety of options, including historic houses. You would have access to the spa and there is an indoor pool.
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I'm a huge fan of Ojo Caliente Mineral Springs Resort in New Mexico -- the pools are all outdoor, but heated anywhere between 80-104 degrees, and there are private pool options if you want to eschew bathing suits, plus those private pools have kiva fireplaces. And there's a mud pool. And they have great seasonal packages during winter. And the food is delicious. Plus it's in a gorgeous area a bit north of Santa Fe. (They have a sister spa in Santa Fe as well, and it's also quite nice -- no mud pool there, but they also have private pool options.)

Ten Thousand Waves is also in Santa Fe, and it's lovely, but I'm a bigger fan of the Ojo properties.
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Boca Raton Resort has beautiful facilities, the best spa I've ever experienced, an indoor pool as part of the spa and lots of outdoor pools as well (it's Florida and you will want to be in the outdoor pools!) The Ritual Bath and Moroccan oil scalp treatment are amazing. The natural beauty nearby is the beach and it is spectacular - white sand, super clear aqua water, nice setups with cabanas, chairs, and full service out on the sand. Also has excellent restaurants (Morimoto sushi!)
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Also I haven't been but the Fontainebleau in Miami has a spa that looks absolutely incredible, and I want to go to there.
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The American Club in Kohler* Wisconsin (about an hour north of Milwaukee) has an excellent spa, restaurant, and other amenities including free access to their sports club and indoor pool.

Not sure if you want a capital-W Winter destination (as in, cold and snow), or a warm climate getaway. But Kohler and the surrounding area is beautiful in the winter.

* Kohler, the bathroom fixture company, owns the resort. So, yeah, their spa is going to be top of the line. Rooms showcase their stuff too.
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