Books by and about women in Spanish or French?
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Please recommend well-written novels about women in Spanish or French, similar to Maeve Binchy or Jojo Moyes.

I'd especially like:

* books with an English translation available
* books that are well-written but not overly literary (my reading level is intermediate)
* happy endings
* a sense of locale
* books written by women

Thank you!
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Maybe Isabel Allende? La casa de los espíritus/House of Spirits meets at least some of your requirements.

Also maybe Como agua para chocolate/Like Water for Chocolate by Laura Esquivel?
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Thanks, vunder - both of your suggestions remind me of one additional criterion:

* ideally, little or no violence or seriously dark stuff

I really like Isabel Allende but she has some darker stuff going on, and I tried reading Como agua para chocolate but the ugliness of the behavior just put me right off. I'm definitely looking for things on the less distressing side.
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Biographie de la faim by Amélie Nothomb might work well.
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Anything by Colette
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Ensemble, c'est tout by Anna Gavalda (translated as Hunting and Gathering): it's a little bit dark at the start, and it's not entirely about women, but I think it otherwise meets your criteria.
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Thank you all! (Including vunder!)

I appreciate the suggestions.
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