When you forget to check your phone before the big trip...
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Two related questions about my smartphone functionality while I'm abroad right now: 1). Is there any way to check my voicemail on my ATT phone when I'm already abroad and I've forgotten my voicemail password (if I ever had one?) 2).I managed to remember to enable one of the "passport passes" so I can save money one texting/data, etc. Besides "use wi-fi everywhere" are there any tips/tricks about my phone settings I should know?

I'm using a Samsung Galaxy, if it matters. And I think I missed an important call. And I basically don't want to come home and learn that somehow I've still racked up a giant bill because of international data roaming, or something. I find the ATT explanation of how this all works rather lacking.
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What country are you in and will you be going anywhere else before you return home? Is the "passport pass" an international plan? If it is, then you can use your phone for voice and data as you do at home and you should get a text message warning if you are about to go over your allotted minutes or gigs. If it is not an international plan, you should add one to your account if you want to use your US phone number on this trip.

When I use the international plan, I still keep my phone in airplane mode when I don't need data to save the battery. If you are waiting for a call, turn off airplane mode of course. As for voicemail, you may be able to get your password reset by calling the number for Support for travel outside the U.S. at +1.314.925.6925. It should be free from your mobile phone.
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Response by poster: Yes, the "passport" is an international plan. I'm in Spain and not going anywhere else.
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You should be fine as long as you have the plan in place. Once while comparing the costs, I saw the overage price is the same rate as the plan price per minute or per megabyte, so even going over is not that bad. Use data sparingly, like only for real time navigation.
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While you’re on WiFi you can download the map area of where you are. This will allow you to see your location in real time even if you’re not connected to WiFi. Just keep WiFi on and it will ping the local area to triangulate your position. His is always super helpful for navigating on foot.
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