Reliable source for legit decants?
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I'm looking for a suggestion for a reliable source for perfume decants. Since shipping perfume/liquids to and from the US to Europe is now verboten, I need a Euro supplier who will ship to the UK or Ireland (either.)

I just got a decant from FragranceSamplesUK and either this is not a legit decant or their decants smell like the plastic atomizers they ship in. Regardless, this smells less like Creed Virgin Island Water and more like a brand new Barbie Doll and I am sad and not willing to order again from them.

Does anyone have a reliable Euro-friendly source of perfume decants? I can take delivery in either the UK or in Ireland.
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The Perfumed Court ships internationally. And they carry Creed Virgin Island Water!
posted by orrnyereg at 9:18 AM on November 6, 2017

orrnyereg, thank you -- have you ordered from there and been confident in what you received? The $17 shipping is steep but if there's nothing more local...
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I order from Perfumed Court all the time and I have always gotten exactly what was described - very reasonable prices as well.
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I've used Lucky Scent, and everything I've gotten has been legit.
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Yes, I've ordered from them since I developed an addiction to Serge Lutens. They're definitely legit.
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There's also Surrender to Chance (started by people from TPC, I think). The basenotes forums have pretty active sales/swaps/splits, as well.
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Thanks, I'm going to give Lucky Scent a go since it has the least expensive international shipping.
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