Best option for shared calendar between ios and android?
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Hi, I have a group of 4 people. 3 of us are on ios and the 4th on android. ios folks are using stock apple calendar app and android person is using google calendar. Nobody wants to change from what they're using. How do we get it so that the Android person shares a calendar, gets notifications of new events, etc?
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The stock Apple calendar app works perfectly well with Google Calendars after a really annoying checkbox hidden in the depths of the Google system. No need to perfectly match the front end (app) and back end (platform).
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Yep, someone should set up a Google Calendar and everyone can share it.
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Yes, this. I am subscribed to a bunch of gCals on my iPhone and Mac.
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Nthing Google Calendar. My husband has an Android, I have an iPhone, we both use Google Calendar with the stock calendar apps on our phones and share calendars with no issues (beyond the really annoying checkbox that supercres mentioned).
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You might still be able to do it the other way if Apple still lets you share your calendar with an external iCal service, so the Apple calendar gets shown in the Android user's calendar just like any other separate calendar they create. (I have around 5 :p)

Android user goes into Calendar on desktop and somewhere in the settings you can put in the external calendar URL that should show somewhere in one of Apple's calendaring products.
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Weirdo—Sort of. The Android user probably wouldn't be a first-class citizen unless they happen to have an iCloud account anyhow.

Apple lets you share a private calendar with other iCloud users you specify, who can then edit that calendar. Or you can share a public calendar, but people viewing the public calendar can't edit it.

Google calendars have more granular permissions (view/edit/manage users) and most of us have Google accounts already anyhow.
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