Where, what and how in DF & Riviera Maya this February
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We're going to Mexico for a 2 week vacation this February. We're planning to spend half the time in D.F., half on the RIviera Maya. Please help us plan it out.

We're two 40ish adults and one ten year old boy from Chile. Questions:

1) What neighborhood should we stay in in D.F.? We like street life, cafes, restaurants, (some) museums and (a few) churches. We don't care too much for shopping and souvenirs.

2) What cities/areas should we stay in in the Riviera Maya? We're not big partiers, and do not care to spend much time with drunken american students. We'd ideally like to spend some time on a picture perfect beach and some time exploring ruins, jungles, etc.

3) We'll be there for carnival. Is it a thing? Do they have water balloon fights in the streets like they do in Bolivia? Should we seek it out or avoid it? Where?
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I really enjoy Tulum as a spot to explore from. I HATE Cancun, don't like Cozumel, enjoy Playa del Carmen, and love Tulum. Tulum IS the picture perfect beach. You can walk to amazing restaurants and drive to wonderful cenotes and ruins. We do a different cenote everyday. I love spending evenings in Tulum pueblo. I've been about 12 times...if you decide to stay in Tulum memail me - I'd be glad to suggest a few of our favorite places.

(I don't know what DF is though!)
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Stay near and beach in Akumal, ruins in Tulum, explore Sian Kaan.

What is D.F.?
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Response by poster: DF = Distrito Federal = Mexico City.
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the Coyoacán area of DF (CDMX) is terrific. Frieda Kahlo museum. terrific street food and restaurants. I'm a gringo with little spanish, and i got around pretty well. uber (fwiw) is prolific in CDMX. taxis, too - some are pretty rough.
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Tulum traffic was the worst. While the seaside ruins were really cool, it was by far our least favorite city in two weeks on the Yucatán peninsula. For jungle, the ruins at Coba are spread out, you rent bikes and it has a lot more of the Indiana Jones feel. Definitely check out Sian Kian.
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I looooove Isla Mujeres! I was there during carnival in 2010, and it was awesome because there were a bunch of local dance groups that performed in the town square, but also at random times at different intersections of the main street. It has lovely beaches, a nice little town to hang out in, accommodation ranging from very reasonable to super posh, snorkeling, and an awesome turtle sanctuary. You can fly into cancun, then hop a short ferry to the island, so it's easy to get to.
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Response by poster: Thanks for all the answers!
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