What Animation Software Is This?
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Anybody have any idea what animation software is used to make this video?

I know these kinds of kid-exploiting videos are bad news, but it seems like I'd have a good time playing with whatever they're using to make them. Is there some kind of modern version of the Microsoft 3d Movie Maker that came with my parents' first Gateway PC in 1997?
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Probably Maya. 3D at this level is still a pretty big project, but very doable as a hobby. The professional tools can still be pretty expensive and just learning the basic modeling has a steep learning curve. Consider Blender, lot's of tutorials, a friendly community and it's free.
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I'm guessing a game engine was used to make these videos. For the driving-around kids videos featuring Spiderman, Elsa, etc., Grand Theft Auto mods are generally used.
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Looks like pretty low-tech rendering. I wonder if it's Moviestorm.
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I'm guessing this particular movie isn't Moviestorm since I don't see any content packs on the site with Spiderman/Hulk/etc in them, but that does look cool. Very similar to the "Microsoft 3d Movie Maker" I remember from my childhood.
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It looks like it's rendered using a 3D video game engine. My guess would be Source Filmmaker, but it's hard to say for sure.
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I was going to say Source Filmmaker, but I'm not seeing any of the telltale "Source engine" objects, and the physics seem very primitive (Source has realistic physics for things like the bowling segment, unless they're intentionally making the animation crappy).

The bit with the guns and the large number of stock objects definitely suggest that it's a game engine of some sort, but I can't really put my finger on which one.

If you want to do these things yourself, SFM (maybe along with a copy of Garry's Mod) would be a good start. You'd end up with higher quality results than this, too.
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MMD might be a possibility. I can't point to any particular tell-tale signs though.
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