Where can I buy blended, unbranded, tall-size men's athletic shirts?
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Where can I buy unbranded/subtly branded tall-size men's athletic shirts that aren't 100% polyester or 100% cotton?

Adidas used to make these sorts of shirts but now they all have large branding over the entire chest area. Nike is out as I dislike the feel of of their shirts.

Any ideas?
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I buy all of this type of thing from Blank Apparel - they have a decent combination of poly blends, generally no or tiny logos, and dirt cheap prices.
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I don't know about how well your tall requirements match their offerings, but Stanfields (if you can find them in your area) carry an assortment of all cotton and cotton-poly and nylon-spandex blends, that is assuming you want really basic basics.
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I buy all my T-shirts in bulk from JiffyShirts.com. Is this the sort of thing you're looking for?
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I dunno if they have retail yet but LA Apparel
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CheapesTees has always been my go-to source for workout shirts.
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My partner (who is a reasonably tall dude) and I buy all our soft, unbranded shirts from Apparel Source. His favourite is the Next Level Triblend, but it looks like they have some "performance" wicking shirts as well.
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