Does Miele's "SteamFinish" feature work?
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I need a new tumble dryer, and I've narrowed it down to two Miele models. The main difference is that the more expensive one offers Miele's "SteamFinish" feature, which Miele claims makes ironing "easier and quicker - or even completely unnecessary." If it makes ironing unnecessary, I'd spring for it. Can somebody who has used the feature tell me how well it works?

After a fair amount of googling, the only review I've been able to find that actually tested the feature is this one, which suggests that it makes ironing easier but doesn't eliminate it. But I'd love a first-hand account from somebody who uses the machine in real life.
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It works pretty good. You'll still need to iron collars and cuffs etc.
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I've never used a dryer with this feature, but it sounds a lot like what I accomplish by putting a damp towel in the dryer with some wrinkled clothes. Works quite well.
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It works well on my LG dryer. Which is, generally, of lower quality than Miele in many respects.
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In my Maytag, it work as well as a damp washcloth tossed in with the dry clothes, which is a cheaper solution. The dryer actually sprays or squirts water onto the clothes., so the machine doesn’t produce steam on its own. To make it work, it requires a water hook-up to the dryer. If the Miele works the same way, I’d go with the non-steam version.
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