I love colorful vaguely utopian political art. Help me buy more.
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I am obsessed with the affordably priced lefty posters from JustSeeds. I would like to find more art like this to buy for my walls and my comrades. My tastes run more towards utopian/colorful/ecological than grim/scary/death imagery. For example, this honeybee-inspired "Labor Creates All Wealth" image is very much my thing. I also want to support lesser-known shops, artists, and collectives than say, Shepherd Fairy.
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Some of the Beehive Design Collective and Crimethinc stuff is probably darker than you're looking for, but they both have some things I think you might like.
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Syracuse Cultural Workers might have some stuff you'll like.
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You want Nikki McClure; you can buy her calendars and prints at BuyOlympia.com
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I have friends that do exactly this kind of thing, cheerful fun adorable utopian visions. They don't seem to have a ton for sale per se but I know they take commissions.
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I think you'd like the Creative Action Network, which invites artists to create illustrations based on various political themes. Very positive.
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Couple things to clarify:
-Crimethinc is decidedly the opposite of what I'm looking for.
-Syracuse Cultural Workers has great stuff and I like their work, but I really want more obscure artwork (preferably small-run prints, if at all possible) than, say, the usual lefty posters you see in a UU church social hall.

Some great answers, please keep them coming.
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Rhea Ewing is a local hero. Their work combines fascination with the forms of nature and support for a better world. Many samples at the website rheaewing.com. Rhea's intricate designs work well for coloring books: the Seven Strengths series illuminates the fundamental cooperation in nature. They sell prints, imprinted merch like tees and fabric, and even originals thru their site.
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You might like some of the posters from the Organisation of Solidarity of the People of Asia, Africa, & Latin America - OSPAAAL. Lots of amazing (retro) designs, and they should be for sale, though I'm not sure that the site is still active.
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Favianna Rodriguez who has some art up at JustSeeds, Dignidad Rebelde and Melanie Cervantes, Miriam Klein Stahl, Zeph Fish (maybe you could buy?), Political Gridlock, Micah Bazant, maybe look through these posters?
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Oh, hey, I also asked this before.
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ITheCosmos I have no idea how I missed that! Thanks for posting it. I think this is plenty to keep me busy for ages. Thanks comrades!!
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