What are these Mathnet harnesses?
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I've been bingewatching Square One's MathNet and in this Broadway Unkidnapping episode (from 55 seconds in) Monday and Frankly are wearing these brown leathery things that look like a cross between suspenders/braces and harnesses, with rather unusual backs. What are they wearing and are they available anywhere?
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IIRC, Mathnet detectives were wearing modified shoulder holsters, carrying calculators instead of pistols. A search for "Asymmetrical shoulder holster" gave me this Etsy store but you may find cheaper pistol holsters elsewhere, and attach a pouch to the strap instead of a way to carry a firearm.
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Yeah, those were calculator holsters... they are real gun holsters modified. Stashemaster had it.
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You probably know this, but those holster straps send a strong signal to people who carry guns (like police). Do keep that in mind if you're thinking about public use.
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