new to iphone 7; mophie battery case micro-usb-to-3.5 mm analog adapter?
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So far the intertubes is turning up nearly zero in this regard, and what does seem to exist is very poorly rated.

Yeah, after cursory Googling I probably already know the answer to this. "Don't use a Mophie battery case even though they're your all-time fave with iphone 7 and up, unless Upside Down Apple leaks through into our universe and gives us back an analog headphone jack". I get why Mophie didn't try to make a case that would let you pass through Apple's lightning-to-analog adapter (it was probably a lot of work)... but I sure would like a micro usb-to-3.5mm adapter that would let me plug some of my preexisting analog headphones in there. I've looked at a couple other battery cases and I'm not impressed by their construction.

(And no, I do not want to buy bluetooth headphones, thank you.)

Any other suggestions? If there's another battery case that is as well made as the Mophie, provides as long as charge, and lets you pass through a headphone adapter of some kind, I am willing to take a look at it. I'm loathe to give up the always-nice Mophie micro-usb conversion (I can't remember the last year I charged my phone using a lightning connector), but I will if I have to. I guess. Bleh.

Gracias mefiters!
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