Help! I've Accidentally Deleted GSuite
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I accidentally deleted my consulting business GSuite account when thought I was deleting another software subscription.

Dumb move, but I've researched enough to convince myself that the old account is not recoverable. Meantime, I'm not getting my emails.

What I want to do is set up the account all over again from scratch, but Google doesn't seem to want to allow me to create an account with a business ( address. I can't find a live person at Google to contact - Advice?
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24 hours after you delete it you should be able to create it again.
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Even if you can't find a live person at Google, I'd still try to contact them in whatever forms you can. Once my mom left her email open and my confused uncle deleted all her emails so I emailed Google and they restored all her emails.

Did you create this account originally or did someone else do it? It doesn't sound like you're tech savvy so maybe this person can help you. Otherwise, can you try these phone numbers or live chats - has multiple ways to contact them:
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