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but I have a "Can we eat it?" question. Do treacle and golden syrup spoil?

Fueled by my love of anything gingerbready, I am planning on making a double batch of parkin this weekend. When I read the Felicity Cloake description, I was like, "Aha! I can finally use my tins of Lyle's treacle and golden syrup after all these years!"

Yes. YEARS. I bought them when we were in the UK a few years ago. They've sat in our cabinets unopened for, um, a period of time. I have read the labels. Technically, they are expired. They are a bit dented, but not bloated. So uh, can I bake with them safely? Or should I trot down to my local fancypants specialty foods store to buy new ones?

I want parkin but I do not wish to kill my husband and myself.
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They shouldn't. The sugar content is above the osmotic barrier to allow for growth of anything. It is essentially the same reason that you can eat honey that was harvested by the ancient egyptians, there simply isn't enough water to allow any bacterial (or any) growth.

They're also not even opened so they're likely to have been bottled sterile anyways so double no worries you'll be fine.
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Also I wouldn't think anything of eating opened 5 year old treacle or golden syrup at all, other than the fact that it has likely crystallised, but still, no worries.
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I wouldn't worry in the slightest.
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I'd give this not a second thought.

I'm pretty sure the golden syrup currently in my cupboard is at least that old, and opened into the bargain.

Eat it.
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Syrups are basically immortal. Like koolkat says, the sugar content stops bacterial growth. Same principle for things like jams and cordials.
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Sugar is one of the best and oldest preservatives. This is also why honey famously doesn’t go bad. No worries, no problems, eat and enjoy!
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First make sure the treacle was from a health-certified mine or well. You can't be too careful with treacle.
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If they've been unopened this entire time, they're fine. I've had golden syrup go weird after opening the tin, and it seemed to be caused by oxidation of the tin getting into the syrup. (It was super obvious, so don't worry. You'll know.) I've also had maple syrup go a bit moldy from putting dirty spoons in it, but again, this was after opening. Sealed sugar product stay good for a VERY long time.
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Yeah the packaging can go bad and affect the contents, other than that it should be fine.
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This is exactly how British households store them. I doubt I've ever cooked with in date golden syrup.
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While I agree with everyone and sugar should last forever, I have experienced the oxidation that easternblot mentions and it was hideous. I never thought golden syrup could betray me like that. The contents and the metal container had become one and I can still taste it now (my sister likes to remind me of the faces I made that terrible day).

So give it a tiny taste test first but if it tastes fine it is fine.

Also Parkin, YUM! Enjoy. I grew up on it but you can't easily do a gluten free version so it's one I've farewelled. I shall enjoy it vicariously through you.
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Be careful as black treacle can ferment and explode as you open it. It is uncommon but not rare!
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