Sleeping in the sprawled position doesn't help.
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My mattress is a 4 year old pillowtop from a good brand and it's got an indentation in the middle because, apparently, no matter what, that's the spot I migrate to at night. Thinking a memory foam topper might help mitigate the issue but . . . how do you decide which one to buy? A regular old egg crate is less than I need, but a four inch memory foam luxury whatsit seems like . .a lot.

My mattress is kind of mid-soft and could probably be a little firmer. I'd like to keep it for another four years, which is the point at which I'm told it's full of dead skin and bugs and you're supposed to get rid of it. I've looked at Amazon and Overstock and I have no clue what sort of thing I should buy. I want to keep it less than $150, ideally less than $100.
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Have you been rotating your mattress? Polyurethane foam tends to collapse like you are seeing, especially when the mattress isn't rotated regularly, keeping you on the same spot for months on end.

A topper, even just an egg crate, will help a bit, but not as much as you'd hope, since it adds height across the entire bed and once the foam has collapsed, it compresses at a different rate than the rest of it. An egg crate plus a down topper was pretty nice when I was in your situation.

This is one of the primary reasons to use a latex mattress, or at least one without the poly foam, which nearly every pillowtop/eurotop mattress has these days. Better to buy something firmer that will last and use a down or foam or latex topper on that so you get a surface you like without giving the mattress a short wear life.
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I used one of these ~$70 memory foam mattress toppers for a couple of years. 2" seemed about right to me.

Check out the useful lifespan / warranty table here.
With 4 years on your mattress depending on what you bought you're getting close to the lifespan of your mattress.

You might just consider buying a new cheapish mattress. Ikea has some really solid mattresses for ~$300.
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I have a pretty high-end pillowtop, and after the last move, where of course it was carried and stored sideways briefly, all the foam slid to one side (whatever attaches it to the understuff must have worn or broken I guess). To fix it, I made a small slit in both sides of the formerly pristine enclosure. I reached in and shuffled it around until it was back to where it belonged, and I gotta say, that's a damned lifesaver now. Since it's no longer permanently attached, it occasionally shifts back from the edge I get in and out of bed from, and now I can just shift it back. I want another couple of years out of this even though now it's almost 10 years old. So what I'm saying is maybe you can manipulate what's there in the same way? Also, definitely rotate it. You can't flip it but you can even out the spring wear.

With all that said, on my last (terrible, old, saggy) mattress, I used a 2-inch foam topper and that was pretty good. I never liked the egg crate style, so I go for smooth. And don't bother with down for this issue—that's mostly for warmth and minor comfort, not support.
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While pillow top mattresses can't be flipped, they should be rotated on a regular basis. That might help.
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I have friends who bought a high end pillow top that promptly developed nests where they slept. This was even after being rotated. A thin memory foam topper may help. My friends bought a non-pillowtop flippable mattress and are much happier. This may be your best bet the next time you shop.
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Don't buy the egg crate style unless it's latex or memory foam (which it probably isn't). The foam they usually use in egg crate toppers collapses almost immediately.
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I don't see how a memory foam topper for the whole mattress is going to help much with a divot in just one place? When the divot on the nightstand side of our bed got to be too much I just slipped a thinnish poly-fill pillow under the sunken spot, between the mattress and the box spring. It helped a lot.
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I extended my mattress for a few years by stuffing flattened Amazon boxes under the low spot as needed. Worked pretty well after a bit of tweaking.

If you're planning on waiting it out for a couple more years, maybe budget just a bit more for a new mattress and watch for sales. I finally replaced my mattress with a Zinus 12" Queen memory foam mattress for a bit under $200.
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My experience is that a foam topper won't make a huge diference and the better bet would be to invest the same money toward a new mattress.
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