Gimme some Ocean's Eleven music without the dialogue!
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I really dig David Holmes' drum-heavy orchestration to the Oceans soundtracks, but it seems like every good song is interrupted by Brad Pitt or George Clooney talking about the Bellagio. Can you recommend any Holmes-like music that's purely instrumental? Does any of Holmes' other releases sound similar?
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not quite what you're seeking, but you may find some tracks you really dig on's Secret Agent station, which is a fun mix of classic era heist/spy film tracks and newer mixes inspired by same. some of the newer stuff can be a little too house-y for my taste, on occasion, but there's lots of variety.
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Maybe some old Propellerheads, like Take California, or Velvet Pants?
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Looks like in addition to the regular soundtrack album with licensed songs and talking over the instrumentals (why??), there's a separate 2003 album just for the David Holmes score. It's not immediately clear to me if it's available anywhere now -- this page just says"CD - Warner Music #1464", which doesn't turn up much -- but you can hear dialogue-free samples on this AllMusic page, so it definitely exists.
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Stereophonic Space Sound Unlimited does something similar, but more straight up 60's soundtrack homage.

I don't remember my 12 and 13 having dialogue, but they also say (album version) after many of the tracks.
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I have Come Get It I Got It (bought on the strength of the Stander soundtrack-what a great, sadly unseen film) and it has a similar vibe, but a bit more abrasive, if that makes any sense. And it does have vocal samples over some of the music.
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Yes. The main theme of Oceans Eleven is pretty much identical to the track Rodney Yates from Holmes' all-around terrific album Let's Get Killed. Both albums also have Gritty Shaker, but there's also talking over part of it on the album version. There are a couple of tracks on his soundtrack for Analyze That that are similar, but it's not worth the full price.

I highly recommend The Dining Rooms. I think they're very similar to the sound you're talking about. La Citta Nuda, Space is the Place, Invocation, Afrolicious

DJ Krush has made a lot of smooth, drum-heavy music too, that you might like, but his sound has more space in it. His albums are generally half instrumental and half tracks with vocals. He's pretty prolific though. Toh Sui, Kemuri (Untouchable Mix), Pretense, Roll & Tumble

Other artists that do this well: Force of Nature, Four80East, Herbaliser
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I am on my phone and can't link, but look up Tuatara's "trading with the enemy".
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I don't remember my 12 and 13 having dialogue, but they also say (album version) after many of the tracks.

The 12 and 13 soundtracks have a lot of good Holmes music and zero dialogue at all.

I'd also recommend Shawn Lee's Ping Pong Orchestra (his track "Theme from Andrex" was prominently featured on the trailer for Oceans 13).
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Oh, also: Jon Kennedy.
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