What is the best cheap polymer clay for this project?
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I want to make the clay covered pens seen here. What is the best, least expensive clay for this project?

I am working with a group of teens who have varying degrees of experience with clay, so I don't want this to be a frustrating experience. I have a limited budget and I see lots of cheap clay on Amazon, but I am wary. Do I spring for the good stuff and hope for a good coupon at Michael's? Or is there a cheap Chinese brand that will do the trick for this sort of project?
Note that I can't buy from any wholesaler or specialty vendor. I'm limited to Amazon or the major craft stores.
*As a bonus, about how many blocks of clay would I need for one pen, assuming they make canes with 2 or 3 colors?*
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I made a lot of these as a kid. I was always partial to Premo Sculpey, but I'm sure it's not the cheapest and I've been out of the polymer clay game for well over a decade so I'm not working with recent information.

I made mine by making a patterned log and placing thin slices directly onto the barrel of a bic pen. This generally used 1/5-1/4 of a block of Premo. I bought my clay myself so was always pretty thrifty and low waste with it--it might take more for someone inexperienced or not as careful.

Make sure you take the ink stick out of the pens before you bake them.
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Paperclay I would use Paperclay because it's so much easier to work than acrylic type clays, requires no baking and accepts media really beautifully. It dries to a durable, lightweight finish.
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