Chevy / GM Commercial With Nickel Balanced On Engine 60s/70s
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So, I'm watching the world series with my grandfather, we see car commercials and he tells me about being in a GM engine plant (where he worked for 40+ years) repairing a machine near a crew shooting a commercial where a nickel balanced on top of an engine doesn't fall over when the engine is started because IT'S JUST SUCH A SMOOTH HIGH QUALITY ENGINE. According to him, they had to shoot it about 1000 times. Anyway, anybody know how to find that commercial? I thought it'd be fun to watch with him.
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I don't have the commercial, but see this youtube video for someone balancing a nickel on a truck engine with 600K miles.
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I don't know about the commercial but I bet the engine used was an inline 6, which are naturally balanced on the primary and secondary vibrational harmonics.
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