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I am ordering some stickers for packages of toffee I make every year and the design-decision-making part of my brain has overloaded. I am using Moo and have a basic design I like, but could use some opinions on the text (color, font, justification). Some choices.

More details if needed: I'm using the Triangulate design, and currently happy (I think??!?) with the Lobster text. But the right vs left justification is breaking my brain. If I had ultimate control I'd make the text a bit bigger, but I think this is about as big as I can make it within the Moo template. I don't want it to seem like the third line of text is an accident because it wouldn't fit. If I put "butter almond toffee" all on one line it is too small and there is too much white space. I'm open to other ideas if there's something I'm missing (probably). Thanks!
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I like the left aligned ones best, 4 and then 2.
posted by ellieBOA at 2:07 PM on November 1, 2017

I like the left-aligned text the best, 2 and 5. The others just look wonky.
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2 and 5 strike me as the best.

(Also, for stickers, sometimes Stickermule is cheaper, depending on specifics)
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I like #2 the best, with #4 as runner up.
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The left aligned text balances the pattern best I think - I like #5.
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I liked 2 immediately, but I like the use of different fonts in 4, too. #5 is a close runner-up. So basically: What everyone else has more or less said.
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#2 is my favorite.
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Another (strong) vote for #2
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I like #2 as well!
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4 by far. Love the color scheme for all, though!
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Another vote for #2

mmmmmm toffee.....
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I'm feeling the love for #2. Thanks for your insight!
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Yep, 2 and 5 are the best.
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The dark-colored font is going to highlight the words people will focus on. They'll see the other words, but they'll focus on the darker words. So do you want to sell homemade toffee (1&2), butter-almond toffee (3&4), or almond toffee (5)?
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Since you seem uncertain about the Lobster font, I'll raise my hand and say that it's an awkward pairing with the geometric graphic. Looking at Moo's font options, I'd suggest Avant Garde Gothic or Sackers Gothic.
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Option 4 in part because using those two fonts--with very different character-- makes the design much more professional. Having only two lines is much cleaner. Your two fonts deliver two different messages that both resonate for your product: oldy-timey and slick, in keeping with the modern triangles and colors.

The problem with Option 2 (and option 5 too) is that the three lines are almost, but not quite, left aligned and so it looks sloppy. The straight vertical side of the nearest triangle makes the mis-alignment even more obvious. It may be the font or the design software; Option 3 has a similar issue in that the centering is annoyingly imperfect.

Option 4 avoids these problems.
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I'm a pro designer and #2 it is!
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