NYC Plumber and A/C Repair Recommendations?
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I'm looking for recommendations for both a plumber and someone who can do A/C repair in the NYC area.

I recently bought a condo on the Upper East Side in New York City, and unfortunately some problems have cropped up. In the summer I hired NorWest A/C & Heating Service Corp. to install new AC units (PTAC) in my place, and the experience was terrible,. Even after multiple botched attempts and a replacement unit the AC still doesn't work properly.

Now, I've discovered that the water pipe valve and coil in the building heating system need to be replaced in order for my unit to get heat, which was supposed to have been done by the previous owner. So if anyone has any recommendations for good, reliable people for the following I would really appreciate it:

1. Plumber
2. A/C repair

Since it's starting to get pretty cold this is kind of urgent. I've tried looking online but I really can't determine who is good or not, and after the experience over the summer with Norwest and other companies I feel like everyone is lying to me or trying to rip me off. Hopefully AskMe knows someone good!
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the Franklin report is like a zagat for services
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