Replace gas wall oven?
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Who do I get to install a new gas wall oven where the current unit gas wall oven is beyond repair? Needed parts are no longer made and "universal" parts don't fit my oven.

We were hoping to re-do the kitchen in 2-3 years but I can't live that long without an oven. I'm also questioning the need to do a whole kitchen renovation if I can upgrade my oven.

Nothing in my house appears to be a common size - so I am just going to start with the assumption that the current oven housing (hole in the cabinet) will need to be modified to fit a new wall oven. Do I need a carpenter for the cabinetry work? Or a plumber to deal with any potential gas issue? Or an electrician, because it's also highly likely that the electric work will need updating?

The easiest solution seems to order an oven from a big box store and pay for the installation package. However, it seems like the quality of those installation services varies widely. My preference would be to find a local trades person of some type. But I am not sure where to start.
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The *easiest* is probably to go to the showroom of your gas provider to find both an oven and a contractor.
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In my experience with old houses and old appliances, unless you are dealing with a real antique appliance they are all some sort of standard size. Measure it up! I would go to a real appliance store instead of a big-box generic store for purchase and installation.
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Are you sure you can't find one to fit? We have a nonstandard size slot for our fridge, and it was annoying to find one -- out of something like 50 on display at our local big box store, only 2 fit -- but paying more for one that fit without any construction/hassle on our end was worth it.
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